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Anyone in my TH that intrests you? I also have the beauty for sale https://www.deviantart.com/7filthysins/art/01-OPEN-817831414

You have lots of cuties! Sadly i didn't really see anyone i'd use much, so sorry!! ^u^;

I appreciate the offer though!! <33

I'm guessing you cant take paypal?

Sadly no since i got them through a trade QuQ; So just trade~

Ahh how unfortunate 😩 is there any dreamie that I can perhaps buy and trade with you?

I am looking to commisson an artist for art I've been wanting. If you're willing to pay the $30 to them (a voucher), I'd totally trade this Character to ya! :3

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anyone in my th interest u?

You have a lot of cuties! Sadly I didn't see anyone I'd use much, so sorry! I appreciate the offer though <3