Nikko Yasda



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Name Nikko Yasda
SExual orientationbisexual
Weapontwo short swords
BirthdayNovember 11
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Nikko is but a watered down version of his true self at this point. He was taught to suppress his emotions and who he really is deep down, leading to what we see now. He's very blank, almost a dreamy quality to him, as though his mind is always elsewhere, always looking out a window and pondering. It makes getting close to him difficult, which is exactly what the aim was all his life.

In reality, he's got a mischievous side to him. As he gets more comfortable, small smiles will shine between the cracks of his hardened heart. He enjoys causing a little stir, a little trouble, but never with malicious intent. He's a willful sort, and it's been noted by his peers that he'll lie through his teeth to avoid getting caught or in trouble.

Nikko is not lanky, and in fact a bit stocky with noticeable muscles. He has a mole by his left eye (your right!). 

The necklace is completely optional, as it shatters early on in the story and is actually a very negative thing for him to keep. He is right handed.

He also has black horns, however they are filed down and never shown in story.


  • chicken rice soup
  • cats
  • sweets, but hard candy especially
  • soft spoken people


  • direct challenges
  • saying "no"
  • the knights of Sanctus Halisa
  • being in the limelight 

Stats & SKILLS



Nikko has been raised since he was a young child to be an assassin. He excels at stealth and speed, with an accent on pinpoint accuracy for securing a quick kill. 


- Name: Sturdy
- Range: limitless
- Influence: Yulian was the major influence for Nikko spawning his Solo Skill. To be precise, it spawned during Nikko's second near death experience on a mission. He was thinking about how Yulian's future would go had he died his during his first near death experience, and while distracted he took a fatal blow... but lived. He was roughly 11-12 years old.

Nikko has the Solo Skill of "Sturdy," meaning he cannot be instantly killed. This is regardless of the injury he sustains, though the second blow in succession can still kill him. He will be gravely injured though, and if he has a drawn out death, his skill does not apply. 


Nikko & Ruka
- Name: Lifeline
- Range: close proximity, 3ft maximum from one another
- Influence: Their natural desire to protect the other from any harm ends up resulting in a truly powerful Link Skill. It reflects their relationship, seemingly revolving around the other and only the other.

Nikko and Ruka spawn "Lifeline," the ability to heal each other completely- unless it's a fatal hit. Their ability heals only one another, and they cannot heal themselves. They also have the ability to heal one another, even if both boys are injured. They're also able to heal each other at the same time. 

The drawback to Lifeline is that it must be in close range to activate, putting both boys in danger. 

Nikko & Yulian
- Name: Whispers
- Range: 2 miles from one another
- Influence: Growing up together and being the other's closest friend, they always wanted to talk to each other. This spawned their ability, representing their desire to always hear the other. 

Nikko and Yulian spawned "Whispers," the ability to read each other's minds. They have to be facing one another, and they have the ability to block the other from reading their thoughts. 

The drawback here is the fact they must face each other for the ability to trigger. 


Nikko lost his parents early on, and wandered Sanctus Halisa in search of shelter. He wasn't alone long when he bumped into an older Yulian, who also was left to fend for himself. Seeing that Nikko was so young and he doubted he could care for them both, Yulian took the pair to the church doorstep, who happily took in Nikko; and to his surprise, Yulian, too. 

Nikko proved to be an awful priest and altar boy, being mischievous and poor at following orders. Instead, they capitalized on his growth and strength, recruiting him into their very secret assassin group, ran by the church. He soon learned the essentials to being the elite assassin the church stayed so hush-hush about. 

In TL1 & TL2, Nikko is deployed at 22 to search for Arlen in specific, with interest in finding information on Gareth and Vayne (known as Gabriel to the kingdom). 

In TL3 and beyond, Nikko is deployed much earlier in search and rescue missions, closer to 15. Unlike TL1 & TL2, he does not find Yoria once and the story begins. He visits it in his youth, and comes back every time he's deployed on a mission... lying to his superiors that he has indeed, been investigating different towns and regions.


Nikko is one of the few survivors that's a main character. He, alongside Cas and Isa, know many of the truths of the disaster waiting to happen. The trio returns to Kazuki and Sai's home, where they tell the couple what they know and then reset time. 


Nikko was sent out at age 15 to find the missing Gareth, Vayne and Arlen. This means he finds himself in Yoria much sooner than the previous timelines. His relationship with Ruka is fostered much sooner, and he falls for the boy much quicker. 


Ruka 21755761_kAuLgXBKxgPYnZq.gif [ lover ]

Ruka is the first boy Nikko meets that really took his breath away. At first, Nikko cannot explain why he wants to keep coming back to Yoria, ignoring the mission he was tasked with. Ruka has no shame, and spells it clearly out from time to time that it's feelings involved that keep them coming back. Nikko seems charmed by Ruka, wrapped around the younger boy's pinky. He truly does love Ruka, and despite knowing he shouldn't involve himself with outsiders, ends up in a romantic relationship with him.


Yulian Zabel [ best friend, brother figure ]

Yulian and Nikko were orphans, who were taken in by the church after Yulian brought them to their doorstep. Nikko was inducted to their assassin sect, while Yulian followed their altar boy sect. Neither are very social naturally, and thus stuck together like glue. Nikko saw Yulian as a big brother, but he's painfully aware that Yulian does not see Nikko the same way. Nikko does his best to avoid any topics of love, but don't get that twisted. He loves Yulian, and would fight the world for him. It's just not the love Yulian was hoping for.


Owen Ryder [ enemy ]

These two are at odds in Sanctus Halisa, Nikko being a thorn in Ryder's side. Truth be told, they have no personal ties in any way, it's just that Nikko growing up had sticky fingers, and tended to steal from Ryder just for the thrill of it. Their interactions from there are either Nikko grinning and escaping, or Ryder dragging the young boy back to the Church angrily. They don't like each other, annoyed by the other, but it's actually a stretch to say they truly hate each other. 


Elrik Kepner [ colleague, (TL3+) rival for love ]

Elrik was a late recruit for his age, and quite the goody-two-shoes. Because of this, Nikko paid the boy barely any mind, and Elrik's face blended with the crowd of his peers. He always noted that Elrik took a more soldier approach to being an Assassin, and that was that. However, in Timeline 3 and beyond, Elrik is no longer just another face. Nikko can't come to terms with the thought that his beloved best friend, Yulian, seems to be taking an interest in Elrik. Even if Nikko has no romantic feelings for Yulian, he still finds himself jealous and upset over this, seeing Elrik as a rival of sorts.

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