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Tea, a job well done, music that aids in focus, nice breezes, clear weather, praise (though she would never admit it, as she should enjoy performing her duties for the simple sake of accomplishing what needs to be done), nuts, dandelions, having any feathered parts of her body be pet (not that she would admit that either), polishing weaponry, antiques, bread, going to sleep and waking up early, mornings, the feeling of lead against paper, bringing honor to the Overkings.


Failing any task given to her or accomplishing it in an unsatisfactory way, when her wings get injured, thunderstorms, eggs (they make her feel awkward), being invited to parties and not wanting to disappoint anyone by saying no so she reluctantly goes and stands in the corner the entire time hoping no one acknowledges her existence, fire, stinging insects, demons, those who question the Overkings or otherwise doubt them, being injured and feeling like a burden the whole time while she recovers.


Tsubame Ueno

Basics:She/her pronouns. 23 years old. Born July 18th.
Obtained:May 29th, 2016

A harpy who attends Heaven College, part of a system in which powerful harpies from her planet, Fontanelle, are hired to serve the school. Tsubame is extremely loyal to her superiors and seems to think of little else other than their orders and ideals. Any personality she might have had as a child has been stripped from her by years of vigorous training and emotionless interaction, but Heaven College is unwittingly exposing her to new ideals. There's still a softness about her and a desire to help others, but all of these new feelings of wanting to be more have caused an existential crisis she has no idea how to remedy.

and now some old stuff:

|| - Personality - ||

tsubame is cool, calm, collected, and rigid. she takes pride in her duties and her servitude to heaven college, but at the same time is exceedingly humble. she is completely subservient to her superiors and firmly believes that the overkings have entirety's best interests in mind and will fiercely defend them and their ideals, willing to sacrifice herself for their sake without hesitation. her loyalty to them knows no bounds and she refuses to acknowledge any claims that imply that they are anything but honorable and just

she's a bit awkward socially and has a hard time warming up to people and learning to trust them. she's spent most of her life being trained to serve and fight, so she doesn't know much about making friends or having fun. though she seems to be tough and cold, she's actually pretty shy and naive. she's just very dedicated to her duties and doesn't know how to loosen up and feels like she shouldn't loosen up anyway bc she mustn't fail the overkings!!

|| - Backstory - ||

im gonna wait until i figure out which virtue affinity she is... i'm thinking either chastity, diligence, or patience, but i only have info on the last one atm and i think her backstory and motivations could change a lot depending on which virtue she's associated with

long story short her backstory probably involves her feeling like heaven college redeemed her or gave her a purpose in living... see "she's spent most of her life being trained to serve and fight". maybe she was like a sacrifice, or like a valkyrie, or lived a worthless life she wants to make up for, or looking up harpies maybe she was all about meting out punishments and sought to make a better life for herself, maybe a lil of all of the above... listen i'm still workin on it alright, see previous paragraph

|| - Powers/Abilities - ||

tsubame is trained with swords and spears but can function perfectly fine without them - those claws aren't just for show!!! likewise, her wings aren't for show either, and they allow her to fly for long distances. because of her nature as an avian creature, her body is also resistant to the cold and changes in air pressure. she's pretty durable in general, usually serving as tank for labyrinth outings

to be updated once blah blah virtues etc probably

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