Kouta Aito
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170 cm / 5'7
January 11
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Kouta Aito

Kouta's bio has mildly NSFW content.

NOTE: Please don't draw art of him! I appreciate art of other characters if you'd like to do so.

Kouta Aito is a 32 year old man living in Shibuya, Japan. He has a standard "salaryman" desk job, but unlike others in the field, he's an incredibly anxious man, and it's visible from across the room. Kouta is a soft-spoken and quiet man, that is when he's not in the middle of a panic attack. Polite and reserved when he talks, he has good manners and a horrible issue of anxiously stuttering through it. Apologies are said by the minute for anything and everything, a nervous tic that was learned over time. He's quiet enough that most people don't notice him until he yells out from being startled. But in the end, he's completely harmless. Non-confrontational and submissive, he doesn't have a spine to speak of. But, he has a big heart, even if his anxiety and loneliness can make it appear that he doesn't.

He vastly enjoys BDSM and various practices, shibari and masochism being the most major ones. Due to his nervousness, it's a way for him to "release" his incessant panicking in a way that makes him more comfortable, since the practices tend to be emotionally and physically intense. He'll spend a lot hiring a dominatrix after his job to try and unwind from daily stress, but he eventually blows his entire paycheck due to generosity with his tipping. Usually he'd just get more stressed at the end of the week after not having the funds to hire one. Extra payment is often given afterwards, when he asks them to stay behind so he has an audience to talk to when he's mostly ignored otherwise, though only if they agree. It's not often. He's not much of a sexual person, unlike what his hobbies say of him. Kouta's never the one to make advances, so much as he'll politely ask and not act of his own volition. He aims to please and impress, for praise. He's more the type of being the one to initiate things like holding hands and cuddling (if he weren't so scared of it).

He has quite a bit of a Goddess-complex when it comes to women. Overall he doesn't mind the gender of who he's with, but he only asks for a female dominatrix. Being a fan of Femdom, he puts women he's with above everything else, even himself, and treats them with the highest respect. Sometimes it scares them.

There are a few things that do make him unwind besides sexual exploits, but he prefers to release it that way. He finds the most peace in being alone and outside in nature. Cat-Cafes are a way for him to relax, with cats greatly reducing his anxiety, though he unfortunately cannot own a cat himself. Almost all cats are drawn to Kouta, it could probably also be caused by him taking an immediate detour to pet them. He says that cats are the only thing that understand his anxiety.

Kouta has somewhat of an awkward relationship with his other coworkers. Some pity him, some find him endearing, but overall no-one can confront him on anything--whether it's about how he acts, his "secrets" being visible, or his general oddities. Usual things like social outings and drinking are normal, but he's more of a "third wheel" or target for drunken jokes. Most of his coworkers wonder why he still has his job due to blunders, but because of his anxiety, he tends to go above and beyond for his goals and deadlines to surpass others. He's a hard worker despite his appearances and actions, and wants to be able to fulfill both his job, and his "side hobby". He's able to afford it with generous raises given by his boss for being a hard worker throughout inhuman work hours.

Off working hours, Kouta prefers to spend his free time away from job related activities. He generally doesn't go out and meet people, or do many social events at all, preferring the comfort of his home. He doesn't have many interpersonal relationships besides a few regular people he'd hire, but he prefers things that way. He doesn't believe his personality is good enough for lasting bonds, and doesn't aim to ultimately end up together with someone and to have a family. After all, a lot of the time people are repelled by him and his nervous tics. He's what he calls a "reverse-magnet", and for that he has issues with trusting people. Kouta lives alone in a small apartment, populated with various plants he takes care of to keep him company.

Sweet --- Anxious

Persevering --- Avoidant

Warmhearted --- Weepy


  • Okonomiyaki
  • Shochu
  • Taiyaki
  • Raspberries
  • Cats, Cat-Cafes
  • Plants, flowers, succulents
  • Summer
  • Gardens, Lakes
  • Cooking sweets, cooking for others
  • Women


  • Eggplant
  • Natto
  • Umeboshi
  • Miso
  • Track & Field
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Loud, sudden sounds


  • Being approached without warning
  • Unsolicited touches
  • Hair-pulling
  • Being seen shirtless, due to the scars on his back--he's also pretty self conscious
  • Reptiles (Chameleons especially)
  • Being in the ocean or too close (all other bodies of water are fine)
  • Large knives
  • Essentially everything the man is a walking panic attack


  • Hiring dominatrices--almost every other day
  • Taking care of his plants, also talking to them to vent anxiety
  • Laying in fields to relax
  • Going to cat-cafes


  • He panics enough that he's prone to excessive sweating, a side effect of his anxiety. Please help him.
  • Will wear shibari ropes under his clothing at times as a partial de-stresser.
  • Prone to screaming when startled.
  • Addresses his dominatrices as "Miss" or "Mistress" as a showing of respect. At some point, he just calls all women "Miss" more than their real name.
  • His coworkers will call him "Kouta-chan" due to his sheepish and nervous nature, to belittle him.
  • A rumor around the office is that he was hired out of pity, but the truth is that he was over-qualified and wasn't confident in moving to a higher rank. He pulls more weight than any of his other coworkers.
  • He's at times called a "woodpecker" by coworkers because of his shaking.
  • His biggest dislikes are mostly foods, since he doesn't hold much hatred for things.
  • His image flower is Lycoris Radiata, or Red Spider Lilies.
  • He loves cats. Cats also love him. A lot.
  • People on his work commute route know him because he stops to pet their cats daily. He knows all the cats' names, of course.
  • A lightweight with alcohol. He's also an emotional, clingy drunk.
  • He usually wears his work uniform outside of his job even though he doesn't need to, his reasoning being that his other clothes are generally oversized and plain. He aims to impress with being dressed nicely, even if he's a mess in uniform as much as casual clothes.
  • He hates eggplant so much that it's his safe-word.
  • He's obsessive over his plants. Don't move them around or do anything bad to them, he'll have a meltdown.
  • He knows how to sew, and does it pretty well! Mainly just for repairs.

Voice claim: ARuFa

Image song: 冥 (MEI) - Amuro vs Killer

"The theme of this song is the sorrowful fate of a single man. Cursed with eternal separation from his family, he boards a shuttle alone in silence. I'll leave the story from here on to your imagination. I hope you can draw the story from the sound of the music."

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He was created on August 24th, 2018.

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