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Name Sharon
Age 14 (In Badcadia/Devil Lollipop), 16 (In TAOSK)
Build Slender
Species Human
Gender Female
Oreint. Unknown
Pronouns She/Her
Occupation Thief
Creator Historia
Worth N/A
Design Notes

  • Sharon is missing her left arm. She has a prosthetic one in place of it, and it's powered by magic. It can transform itself into an actual arm.
  • Please don't make her look too young.
  • Her trench coat and hat are optional, but preferred.
  • Her hair reaches to the rear point.

Sharon, dubbed as the "Magic Arm Thief" due to her prosthetic, is a mysterious woman clothed in dark purpleish clothing. She's not the kind of thief that you are familiar with, but her tactics are rather clever for someone this young. She is soft-spoken, but also pretty smart. When she's on the run, she often runs past baddies, swiping anything that they stole from the innocent. However, her smartness can be a threat to her life.

Because she can't be smart as always, she had no choice, but to force it onto herself. She can lose track of her focus, and could get carried away. In reality, she's pretty ignorant about herself and her own life.


  • Sharon is capable of retracting her magic prosthetic arm through mind control.
  • Wherever Sharon originated from is not known, but she may have came from Sage.
  • If she's on her break, she doesn't wear her trench coat, but she still keeps her hat on.
  • If she had stolen something from a bad guy, but is unable to find the stolen object's owner, she keeps it until she finds the owner.
  • She is usually seen with her prosthetic intact, therefore she can only hold things with her right arm.

Sharon was born in the year 124, although she was very young at the time, her parents died from an unknown illness, which left her alone. Following the passing of her parents, she was found by a small group of men, and had to take her in a thief clan. For her to become a thief, she must train to survive, otherwise she would suffer by the hands of the devil.

However, as she grew older, her left arm is starting to become infected, and the infection had worsened so much that the clan decided to amputate it. In place of her lost arm, she was given an unusual prosthetic, one that is powered by magic.

Sharon was 13 when she resigned from the Thief clan to focus on her own living, now that she became strong enough to do the stealing. She lives in an old hideout, somewhere around the capital of Eris in Miasim.


  • Stealing back from baddies
  • Apples

  • The baddies
  • Exposing her unusual arm to the public
  • Government laws
  • People who STEAL from her
  • Mamoru...?

Mamoru | Just hates him for some reason

Sharon despises Mamoru just because he is too cheeky for a thief, and also, he refuses to stop barging into her property just to steal. Sharon barely has respect for this kid...

Matthieu | In love...?

Sharon, despite her hatred towards his friend Mamo, is secretly in love with Matthieu, but she is too embarrassed to even prove it. Does she do whatever it takes for her own life to reach his heart...?

Vetitum Armis | Acquaintance

While their relationship is unclear, it is rumoured that Vetitum requested Sharon to retrieve his sword from a suspicious bandit, and had done the deed for him. However, that rumour has been debunked. In reality, he was actually acquainted by her, although they don't see each other that much.