Sky Deathstar



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"My secret ingredient? Just a little love and passion, that's all."
Sky Deathstar

Demon name: ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓  Human childhood name: Bob Diddycakes



6'1'' / 185 cm (6'5'' / 198 cm in incubus form)




Dark Purple

Dark Siders Secret Base

Heterochromatic (gold/turquoise)


Appears East Asian


Previous: Pop/Rock Star/Model Current: Housewife

Chaotic Neutral




















  • The arts (music, painting, acting, ect.)
  • Making sweet love
  • Pranks
  • Flirting
  • Ducks

  • Gaudy colors
  • Being ignored
  • Other demons
  • Art critique
  • Loneliness

  • Sky Deathstar is a banished incubus demon and ex-pop/rock star. He used to work with entertainment tycoon, Big Money, but later gave up his career to join the Dark Siders after his demon form was revealed to the public and got into a relationship with Keith. He represents the sin of Lust in the Dark Siders.
  • Being an incubus, Sky can shapeshift into many forms (human, mermaid, furry, ect), but his preferred one to be seen in public is his human form. His original incubus form is only seen privately as he could risk persecution if its seen in public.
  • In a nutshell, Sky is a free spirited, emotional artist. He enjoys romantic things and ways he can express his feelings through music and art. However, he can be quite mischievous, vain and arrogant.
  • His main ability is Siren Song, which causes others to become infatuated with him through his singing. But his main weapon is a guitar that can turn into a demonic scythe. Slashing it creates a wave of massive amounts of dark energy that obliterates everything in its path.



Sky was born in Vineath, the name for the second circle (or layer) of the Underworld. His father was the Archdemon of the Cubus demons, and was regarded as the king/leader of the Succu/Incubi. This made Sky’s birth an important event, as he was the Incubus King's firstborn and deemed the "Incubus Prince". Sky’s mother was a human who was dragged into the Underworld after Sky was just about to ‘hatch’ from the woman’s body. The human woman's name is unknown, but she is rumored to be of high importance since the Incubus King chose her to be the incubator for his firstborn. Since Sky is a Virus type species, he was basically a parasite in the mother’s body instead of an actual baby, so when it came to birth, Sky emerged out of the woman’s torso area instead of the womb, killing her in the process. The proud Incubus King originally named Sky, ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ , but Sky was completely unaware of it at the time.


The newly born incubus was not able to open his eyes until the 3rd day, and when he did, the Incubus king was shocked to see that he had inherited his mother's eye color on his left eye (the blue one). This is usually a sign that the incubus inherited too much human DNA while being developed in the human's womb. Worried that Lagrasde, an Archdemon who sacrifices faulty demons, would soon discover this, the Incubus King tried to cover his blue eye with a patch when taking him outside. Unfortunately Sky's "deformity" was discovered when Lagrasde checked up on him. The Incubus King begged Lagrasde to not kill his son and convinced him that the different eyes colors might only affect his appearance and not his behavior. Lagrasde was not swayed, however. The Archdemon sentenced Sky to be sacrificed and branded him with a Banishment collar around his neck with a chain connected to the sacrification alter. The Incubus King, desperate the save his son, used all of his ability to subdue Lagrasde and managed to cut off Sky's chain. Since the Incubus King was nearing death after exerting so much of his power, his last ditch effort to save his son's life was to send Sky to the Overworld. Before he did though, he placed a demon seal on Sky's back, which forced him to shapeshift into a human and retained that shape as long as the seal was there. He then hoped that someone would find, raise and take care of him in the Overworld.  Lagrasde was furious at what the Incubus King had done and killed the king after sending his baby away.


Baby Sky was sent to the Overworld and spawned near a river in Rural Shalabahala. A young girl named Joanna with her Peeshbaa, Bo', heard his cries and found him while they were gathering firewood in the forest. Bo' could sense the demonic energy from the baby and prevented Joanna from going near him, but Joanna, not being able to just abandon a baby in a forest, ignored her and took him back to her grandpa's house where they lived. After showing her grandpa "Granpappy" what she found, they noticed the chain still around his neck and took him to the best blacksmith in town to remove it, which proved unsuccessful. After going around town to ask if anyone recognized the baby and not getting any leads, Granpappy and Joanna decided to adopt the baby into their family. They named this new baby boy, "Bob" or "Bobby", but for the sake of simplicity we'll still call him "Sky" in this story.

The family was very small (just a grandfather and granddaughter) but they raised Sky with much tender love and care. Joanna was pretty much Sky's older sister figure growing up and Granpappy was a shepherd who provided for the family. Bo' was the family pet, but she hated Sky with a passion because she could sense he was a demon. Unfortunately animals can't talk, so the rest of the family had no idea. Despite being fiercely loyal to her family, Bo' eventually ran away from the home because she couldn't stand living with a demon anymore, but kept a close eye on the family from a distance.

Joanna and Sky were very close and did almost everything together. They also attended a small school. Joanna discovered that Sky was surprisingly a quick learner when he found and mastered Granpappy's fiddle in no time. Granpappy was so impressed by Sky's talent that he let Sky have it. Joanna eventually reveals to Sky that the reason why only her and Granpappy are around is because the rest of their family was killed by a demon that appeared in the Rural Shalabahala's town square. It wiped out a large population of the town with flames, while Granpappy took Joanna to run and hide. However, an Angel came to relinquish the demon and saved the civilians that were left, and thats why the townsfolk are so dedicated to worshiping Angels and benevolent spirits at church.

As Sky grew older, he realized that his small family needed help getting by and tried to think of ways to support them. He knew that he wasnt good at farmwork since the animals would run away from him, so Joanna suggested that he go into the town square to play music for tips. As he began to play Granpappy's fiddle and sing, a huge crowd gathered and cheered him on. As expected, the performance was a great success and Sky earned a ton of money. This eventually became a routine for him and he gained a reputation as the "little heartbreaker" of the town, since many young girls were infatuated with him. This is when Sky first took notice of his attractiveness and realized he could use it to his advantage. His ego also started to grow.

One day, a scout from the Shalabahala mainland approached Sky while he was street performing and offered Sky a full ride scholarship to the Shalabahalian Academy of Art. Sky was flattered, but debated on whether or not to leave his family. Joanna and Granpappy encouraged Sky to take the opportunity however, as they had a feeling that Sky's talent would take him far. Before Sky left on the ship to the mainland, Joanna gave Sky a photo of him with his family so that he would always remember them, as well as to keep in touch sometimes.


Sky was successfully admitted as a student in the Shalabahalian Academy of Art, the most prestigious school on Pelepia for learning art. He had a well rounded education in almost every field of art, including fine art, dance, theater, and most importantly to him, music. Due to his higher intelligence as an incubus, he was able to master every type of instrument and art subject incredibly fast compared to his peers. This made the other students either admire or envy him. Teachers also tended to favor Sky due to his gentlemanly manners and talent. He quickly became one of the most popular students in school, and many female students fawned and fought over him. In contrast, many male students were very jealous of Sky's popularity, and would often confront or try to attack him. But Sky had a tendency to have a circle of girls around him all the time who would protect him from these boys. With this, and the teachers' favoritism over him, Sky was basically untouchable.

During Sky's sophomore year, he played the leading role in a musical theatre piece. At the show, there were scouts in the audience looking for fresh talent. When Sky blew away the audience with his stunning performance, a talent scout named Big Money immediately jumped at the opportunity to recruit him for his music studio, as he saw Sky as the perfect child star to groom into a huge money maker. Since Sky was still young (14 years old) and naive at the time, he accepted Big's offer to record music at his new radio studio and quit school.

Big Money took Sky to his dingy radio studio located in the lower part of Shalabahala. Sky was a bit put off by the location, but Big Money insured him that once the locals heard his voice on the air, everything would change. Big told him to just sing whatever song he wanted, and Sky began to sing one of his songs from his childhood. Soon enough, people around the area were tuning into the station to hear this new mystery artist. His songs quickly became viral hits throughout the entire country, and Sky's fame was growing rapidly, getting more interview and invitation requests than he could handle. Eventually, this gained the attention of the president of Entertainment City, who decided to give Big a huge grant to start a new record company. Thus, Big Money Records were established, and the old dingy radio studio was demolished and replaced with a gigantic space tower that reached Upper Shalabahala, with all the other billionares. Big also officially became Sky's manager at this time.

To capitalize on Sky's talent, Big decided to enter Sky into the mainstream music industry. Sky started off as a solo singer/guitar player, releasing popular rock albums. But this wasnt enough to satisfy Big's lust for fame. Over time, Big recruited four other popular male singers, Yale, Jin Jin, Firo, and Tsuki, from social media and made them form a teen boyband/idol group with Sky as the lead singer called GAMMA✰. As expected, they became extremely popular, especially with young girls. But there was an issue between these idols and Sky. They complained that Sky was an attention hog and was treating them poorly, as if they weren't talented enough to perform alongside him. Sky would always flaunt his popularity in front of them and they became miserable working with him. However, Big dismissed the boys refusal to work with him, as he feared that the band breaking up would destroy thier success. So unfortunately, the idols would have to put up with him. The breaking point, however, was when one of the idols, Tsuki, became suicidal due to his miserable working conditions. In true boyband solidarity, the rest of the idols abandoned Sky and Big Money Records and formed thier own independent musical group. Thier popularity diminished, but they were much happier. All of this was covered up by the media of course.

After GAMMA✰ broke up, Sky returned to being a solo performer again and his popularity only grew and grew. It got to a point where Sky's albums consistently kept hitting #1 on the charts. The more money Sky raked in, the greedier Big became. In fact, his next scheme was to try and get Sky into a celebrity relationship, now that Sky was legally an adult. Big was aware that the most popular female artist, ---, was single, so he convinced the two of them to start dating, as it would do wonders for thier career and fame. However, Sky and ---- could not get along at all. Since they had the same career and goals, they would always fiercely compete for the spotlight and thier duet performances would always feel like they were fighting each other. They would act lovely-dovely in public, but in private, they would always be at each others throats. But when --- found Sky cheating on her with another female artist, --- almost tried to kill him. Big finally realized how incompatible they were and the couple finally broke off.

Big figured it would be best for Sky to remain a bachelor. Sky would then develop a very "alpha" persona, as he would have a harem of women at his disposal, have all the money and power to buy and do anything he wanted, and was incredibly charming to everyone (given that they weren't working with him). Big Money Records also started getting into shady practices with large companies like embezzlement and illegal trade, with Sky in the forefront being a mediator. Sky's music style also changed. He stopped writing his own songs, and instead let editors write out lyrics while he performed them. What used to be more soulful and feeling based, now became shallow and materialistic. Sky's arrogance and self-satisfaction skyrocketed, to a point where he completely forgot about his old life and why he loved music in the first place. But despite controversy with the company and Sky's transformation, this still did not wane on thier popularity. Big Money Records was on the top of the entertainment world and there seemed no sign of stopping them... until...



Keith Boyfriend

Even though Sky had a reputation of being a Casanova before meeting him, Keith is the only person Sky developed an emotional bond to and considers him his soulmate. He adores Keith's tsundere and socially awkward behavior around him, which is apparently something that Sky is really into.

Vlad Boss/Landlord

Vlad is basically Sky's punching bag for all his jokes and pranks. Despite Vlad hating his existence, Sky gets too amused by Vlad's reactions and antics to harbor any negative feelings toward him.