Basic Info




~13 ft on two legs, 7-8 ft on all fours




Ozymandias (”Oz” or “Ozy” for short) is an ancillary demon tasked with guarding the city gates from any would-be intruders. He was so poor at this job that Satan quickly dismissed him from it and replaced him with another. He was relegated to a beast of burden, but proved too excitable for this as well. This time, King Baal dismissed him and ordered Marquis Orias and Naberius to dispose of him as they saw fit. Orias was eager to to destroy him, but Naberius convinced him to release Ozymandias to the wastelands to fend for himself.

He is massive and immeasurably strong, with a kind heart and insatiable curiosity. Many demons who worked with him likened him to an eager puppy. He is sentient albeit simple and can understand spoken language, but cannot speak himself.