Gender: Agender, preferring he/him or they/them pronouns; can change physical sex at will
Height: 5'9" (183 cm)
Build: Somewhat variable, athletic, slightly cinched waist
Orientation: Demi-pansexual
Birthday: June 30

Very little is known about Lockwood's history, even to DISE. He is extremely reluctant to share and seems eager to leave that chapter of his life behind. He lived in London for a time before moving to New York City, where he was captured by DISE some years later.

He was cooperative with DISE agents once arriving at the facility and continued to be for the duration of his stay, short of refusing to give them his name. He always seemed resigned to his fate, so much so that even some of the researchers felt uncomfortable working with him. They named him Lockwood because his only insurrection was sneaking a copy of Wuthering Heights into his cell. They confiscated it, but let him read it during supervised free time.

When he was matched with Thomas for the MA Program, his attitude did not change. It wasn't until he spent months with Thomas that his enthusiasm and compassion had any affect on Lockwood. He is still quiet and reserved and keeps to himself, but regained some of his spark and reason to fight.

Lockwood has limited shapeshifting abilities, can dissipate parts of his body into a black mist, and manifest extra smokey hands and heads at will.