Basic Info


Eolian "Eo" Phanerus




Agender (they/them)


October 10th




Undead Human (probably)






True Neutral


Necrodetective B)

Soul Color


Date Created

Late 2014; likely September or October.


Meat, anything that's scented, sweatshirts, slide puzzles, puzzles in general, comic books, PG-rated films (especially if they're animated), reading, clouds, resting their head on someone else's shoulder, looking out the window, the cold, emoticons, laying in the grass, pockets, cinnamon rolls.


Thinking too deeply about things, decomposing, acidic foods, carbonated beverages, anything rough and abrasive, bright sunlight, heavy rain, heat, bugs, loud noises, guns, animals that get too close, crowds, articles of clothing that don't have pockets.

Minesweeper Scores


Bad Habits

Sometimes they get a little hungry for flesh and souls and end up biting people. Zhirael will sometimes let them nibble on souls from his collection, but he's trying not to let them make a habit of it.

Signature Weapon

A large caduceus with a suspiciously sharp end. Where did they get it? That's... well, that's a good question.


content warnings: death, child death, car accidents


 adventurous  ☠  naive  ☠  impressionable  ☠  curious  ☠  casual

     Lacking most of their memory and long-term goals other than discovering their potentially-horrifying past has made Eo...

     ...pretty relaxed, actually. They feel like they're lucky to be alive and have a fresh start of sorts, lacking the burdens their memories might have placed upon them. They're honestly not even sure if they want to uncover their past at all! Maybe ignorance is bliss and they'll be happier with their strange new life. The only reason they're tempted at all to look for answers is out of concern for their missing soul. That's kind of a little bit of a big deal.

     Eo is remarkably friendly and cheerful, all things considered. They're easygoing and sympathetic, very easy to become acquainted with and hard to anger. They take everything in stride and, lacking knowledge of anything else, react to abnormal events very casually. Often times they'll get themself into a dangerous situation and not even realize it until someone with an outside perspective comes in and screams. They tend to find frightening things super cool.

     Their moral code is defined primarily by the moral codes of Zhirael and Bonnie, and as such they tend to be extraordinarily carefree. Eo doesn't worry about much and seldom loses any sleep, even after particularly gruesome incidents. They know they don't want to hurt people if it's not necessary, but aside from that their morals are relaxed and gray. They're a very impressionable, naive sort of person.


 "I'm not really worried about it! Nothing bad has happened yet, so I'm sure things will work out!"

     Eo's first memories are foggy. Faint, blurry fragments of hallways, of voices, of craning their head upward toward something magnificent...

    Then a sharp pain in their chest, the feeling of being weightless, waking up empty, the knowledge that they had to keep themself animated, the rain pouring down on them, a feather in their pocket, a compulsion to follow the feeling it gave them... and then a bright light blurred by their stupor and oh fuck that was a car

     Eo was unceremoniously hit by Bonnie's car, who promptly absolutely flipped his shit. In a panic Bonnie called his boyfriend - Demon Lord Zhirael, who happened to have a medical degree and years of experience - and then brought Eo back home. Zhirael immediately noticed that Eo was dead, and not because of Bonnie. In fact, Bonnie left them none the worse for wear. If Eo had been harmed at all from the accident, it seemed that they had already mostly healed from it. No, Eo was dead because of the stab wound in their chest, and furthermore their soul was conspicuously absent.

     Zhirael patched Eo up, informing them of what had transpired and the fact that they were missing their soul. Eo wasn't too offended by Bonnie's reckless driving, nor were they shaken by the fact that they were apparently undead and down one soul. They felt safe around Zhirael for some reason and didn't really want to leave. Zhirael offered to provide Eo with a steady stream of magical energy so they could keep themself animated indefinitely, but seeing as they lacked a soul they'd have to hand over one of their eyes instead for him to make the soul connection via contract. Eo enthusiastically agreed, and Zhirael subsequently allowed them to stay with him and Bonnie while they figured out their identity and past.

     Shortly afterward Tigel and Seems showed up at Zhirael's door, coming from some sort of unnatural hospital. Also from Bonnie running his car into theirs. Something about that seemed familiar... Zhirael wanted to investigate anyway, so Eo jumped at the chance to help! They're hoping that maybe they'll get some hints as to their true nature and find out where their soul is, but even if they don't they're happy where they are now!

RP History

     After some retconned incidents involving the investigation of a particularly gruesome mass murder scene, Eo's currently hanging out behind some rocks with a catgirl to spy on some strangers around a fortress. That doesn't seem safe at all!


 AVERAGE: 5.7/10


     Being a necromancer, Eo has the ability to raise the dead and command whatever they raise. However, given that they need to use what little magical energy they have to keep themself alive at all times and there also needs to be a corpse or two nearby, this isn't an ability they get much use out of. They can barely get a corpse to speak, much less command an undead army. Of course, if Zhirael deems it necessary he can supply Eo with more than enough energy to raise Hell. Literally! This uses up Zhirael's magical energy, however, so he's careful about how much he supplies Eo with at any given time.

     Speaking of Zhirael, Zhirael can view the world through Eo's eyes and communicate with them telepathically if he so wills it.

     Eo has a few other oddities. They have extremely sharp teeth, can see in the dark, are remarkably durable, move a bit more quickly than normal humans their age, and have somewhat enhanced strength. Zhirael claims it's not because of his magic, so maybe Eo is just really good at keeping themself extra animated? How powerful would they be if they had their soul...?

Writing Featured In

     None yet! Check back in later!