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This is a WIP. I've yet to fully flesh out this page. Mind the holes.

I'd rather die than let my name dictate my life for me. I'm not here as Earl Laevandil Orvossa. I'm here as Lancelot. 

— Laevi

Laevi is a Piscine from Kannar—a kingdom in the Altalisian sea—and is Kastor's cousin, a member of the prince's guard, and a volunteer dragon hunter (albeit in secret). He has twelve sisters—all fierce and loyal members of the royal guard and the militia—and is the youngest and only identifying male in the family. In an effort to make a name for himself without his family's title, connections, and sponsorships, he works as a dragon hunter under the name "Lancelot" and often makes minor glamours to himself to avoid being spotted due to complex Piscine and Draconian relations. Due to his efforts in joining the dragon hunters, he is indirectly responsible for improving Piscines-Draconian relations upon the discovery of his true identity.


FULL NAMEEarl Laevandil Orvossa • Margrave Laevandil Orvossa (Kastor's ascension) • Lancelot (Dragon hunter alias)L I K E SD I S L I K E S
NAME [PRONUNCIATION]Laevandil Orvossa [/'lævandil oɽ'vosa/ or /'lævandil or'vosa/]WIPWIP
RACEPiscine (Altalisian)
GENDER (PRONOUNS)Intersex (He/Him)
HEIGHT187.96cm (6' 2")
WEIGHT70 kg (154.3 lbs.)
AGE12 (Introduction) • 35 (Dragon hunter)
BIRTHDAY13 Saefathivel 914 CY (January 13)N O T E S
  • Laevi once carried the title of "earl" prior to Kastor's ascension as monarch of Kannar due to the death of the original crown prince—their brother Malthiore—after their parents' subsequent death. His mothers were then appointed as duchesses and his title later became "margrave". As of present, he's referred to as "Margrave Laevandil Orvossa".
  • He has complete heterochromia. His right eye is brown, while his left is a shade of lavender. He often glamours himself with magic to keep his eyes brown—a rare color for native Kjarran Piscines—especially when on the surface while working as a dragon hunter. 
  • A multitude of scars run across his body as a testament to all the battles and fights he went through all his life. While he initially used illusory magic to conceal his heterochromia by matching both his eyes to lavender, he eventually stopped and embraced it and used it to conceal his scars instead.
    • All over his back
    • Long gashes across his chest that form an "X"
    • Under his left rib that curves down to his hip
    • Across his right cheek
  • In terms of appearance, Laevi is on the effeminate side and is often mistaken as a woman by non-Piscines, but refers to himself with masculine he/him pronouns. He is one of the many Piscines that use illusory magic to hide parts of themselves they'd rather not identify with and takes offense with being referred to as a woman, although he's rather forgiving with minor misunderstandings despite his personality.
  • Being an aromantic ace, he is not attracted to anyone and the thought of romance itself and often jokes that he's married to his job. However, he's not completely infallible to love...
  • He cut his hair short in order to escape when he was in the hands of an enemy, with said hands around his hair to be precise. He also pins his fringe away from his eyes during formal events.
ORIENTATIONAromantic Asexual
ALIGNMENTLawful Neutral
MAGICElemental water (main), illusion (major), blood (minor)
FAVORED WEAPONBroadsword, Schiavona (Basket-hilted sword)


Austere and mildly sadistic with training and discipline, Laevi is a force to be reckoned with. He's brazen and bold with his words and actions, much to the displeasure of those around him. Despite his tendency to be smart-mouthed and arrogant at times, he manages to do everything with efficiency and grace with a straight face and an occasional pompous smirk. He's also prone to provoking others with his wit and sarcasm, and most have learned to leave him be as he's one to always finish every fight he encounters, and it doesn't help that he's ever so fond of roasting and taunting his opponents as well. Though he's vainglorious and caustic with his words, he's extremely loyal to the crown and has a soft spot for his family, as well as the monarch's champion, Malagdaer. He's not one to lash out and never goes on outbursts when angered. Instead, he fights back with passive-aggression unless forced into a fight. Laevi may seem like a disagreeable and cold beauty, but he finds his wit as a way to get others to look at him seriously. Being the youngest among thirteen siblings praised and viewed with high regard across the land and seas pressure him into making a name for himself on his own—all without the aid of his family, connections, and status. He's one to go as far as he could to attain his goal even if it means taking the long route out, and most who know him dearly could see his tenacity as shining virtue among his sea of flaws. In the face of romance, Laevi is uninterested and unfazed. He's often mocked for being an "ascetic" as he had never been in any romantic or sexual relationship since, nor has he ever had sex. While the latter can be justified as he had never consumed a human's flesh and thus never been ready for conception, he had always believed that his lack of attraction and interest in others was something he had always felt. Not because he finds it in the way of his work, but because he just doesn't feel romantic and sexual attraction as much as others do.

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Laevandil Orvossa was born as the thirteenth child and only son of Charviane and Aurien Orvossa, with an age gap of fifty-five years with the youngest sister. Being the child of the Kannar queen's sister, he's also Kastor's maternal cousin. He spent his childhood often coddled by his twelve older sisters (oldest to youngest)—Cyraen, Palathis, Velsaer, Calcyne, Kyris, Oravia, Fraiseia, Laivian, Pesithelia, Morvana, Auragun, and Naiphes—much to his dismay, and their constant babying and spoiling lead him to be on the pompous yet wide-eyed and guileless until his adolescence. He grew up with proud Altalisian nobles, court, and royalty at his sides and had the privilege and prestige to share the same tutors and masters as the Kannar princes themselves. He became his parents and sisters' pride and joy until everything turned into a standstill upon the first war against the kingdom of Laeces in the region of Levinis. The war began when Laeces learned of the kingdom of Kannar's alliance with the Kjarran capital, Falragda—a feat no other Piscine kingdom had ever done due to their reputation of avoiding relations with other races, particularly with the Draconians due to their unpleasant history with their tyranny. Laeces found their alliance unfair as it earned them lesser resources now that Kannar has Falragda on their side, and Laeces is willing to take down Kannar not only for the lost territory but for going against their unspoken code as well.

The first Laecesian-Kannaran conflict lasted five years, but not much of Kannar has been destroyed. Laevi's sisters have put their military ranks to good use and joined the war alongside their mothers, soon to be labeled as one of the many brave heroes that saved Kannar from destruction. At a mere seventeen years of age, he had not much to do but stay at home while he watched the prince, his champion, their guards and their knights engage in battle with Laeces. This aggravated his impatience, and Laevi had never wanted to up the ranks this much in his entire life. He wished to be like his sisters and mothers—loved for who they are and what they do, and not for how high they are in the social hierarchy or for their relation to the crown.