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— Kastor

Kastor is a Piscine prince from Kannar—a kingdom in the Altalisian sea—and is the brother of the late Crown Prince Malthior and the second child of King Kainesdaer and Queen Iodra. They are genderfluid and often change between Kastor and Quaronia, with both identities recognized and respected. After Malthior and their parents' subsequent death in the thirty-year-long war between Kannar and Laeces, Kastor ascends as the new king of Kannar. Later on, they bear a daughter with Malagdaer—Kannar's champion and their beloved childhood friend—and occasionally aids the Draconians with dragon hunting whenever they venture to the surface.


FULL NAMEPrince Kastorias of Kannar / Princess Quaronia of Kannar • King Kastorias of Kannar / Queen Quaronia of Kannar (after ascension)L I K E SD I S L I K E S
NAME [PRONUNCIATION]Kastorias Kannar [/kas'torjas ka'ɴar/ or /ka'ŋar/] • Quaronia Kannar [/ka'ronja/]✔ MalagdaerWIP
RACEPiscine (Kannaran)
GENDER (PRONOUNS)Intersex Genderfluid (He/Him [Kastor] • She/Her [Quaronia]  • They/Them [Any])
HEIGHT190.5 cm (6' 3")
WEIGHT80 kg (110.2 lbs.)
AGE20 (Introduction) • 128 (ascension)
BIRTHDAY14 Kagnyrjarai 906 CY (October 14)N O T E S
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ORIENTATIONPrefers men regardless of gender presentation
MAGICElemental water (main), illusion (major), blood (minor)


As a prince, and now, a reigning monarch, Kastor is quite friendly and kind and often has a gentle smile plastered on their face. They're well-loved by their subjects and many anticipate their presence whenever they venture out of the palace. Most often consider them to be an all-rounder as well due to their expertise in multiple fields, all the way from their charisma and eloquence to war tactics. Despite their brag-worthy list of skills, however, Kastor is often quite stressed about his reputation and how "flawless and perfect" he needs to be for their kingdom. If they had a choice, they'd rather spend their free time singing the countless songs their people have written to tell their stories or even follow Malagdaer around like a puppy. Nevertheless, Kastor is the type to remain calm—or at least appear calm—in the direst of situations. Still, there are moments when they're unable to control themselves in battle and has to be stopped. Their sharpness remains, but they have nothing but tunnel vision that focuses on the enemy and slaying rather than the voice of reason. Years of conflict had hardened their heart, but they still try to remain kind to their people in the face of adversary. Their true self is broken and wishes nothing but to die and join his family, but leaving the kingdom with no successor after their victory would make their win futile. Malagdaer's death weeks prior to their victory made it worse and he had one less reason left to live, but his beloved champion's unusual revival made them stay in the mortal plane a little longer.

N O T A B L E    R E L A T I O N S H I P S

◆  O T H E R    R A C E S  ◆
F E L L O W    R A C ED E I T I E SD R A C O N I A N S
◆  O T H E R    C H A R A C T E R S  ◆
D R A G O N    H U N T E R SE R E I N A

A B I L I T I E S  +   S K I L L S

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Kastorias of Kannar is the youngest child of King Kainesdaer and Queen Iodra of Kannar. They are a direct descendant of Haemir—the deity of the Piscines—although they have not any of his divine abilities whatsoever, and neither did any of their ancestors. They are rather close with their brother, Malthiore—who's twenty-five years their senior—and the two were considerably inseparable up until Malthiore's untimely demise decades later. They are also maternal cousins with Laevandil and his twelve elder sisters and served as a role model for the then-young Leavandil. Being a prince, Kastor was raised and born with a silver spoon in their mouth, although they too had their share of military, public, and voluntary service among others. The Kannars were known for their extensive charity and philanthropic work—efforts that were unfortunately seen as a way to mask their tarnished reputation for being traitors in Piscine society due to their relations with Falragda and other Kjarran kingdoms. Still, their family went on with their service and even made occasional visits to other regions such as Tyrai, Tempreis, Osivia, and Neritas. 

One time, the Kannar royal family went for a visit to Yvryth—the capital of the kingdom of Laeces in the Levinisian sea near Altalis. There, they spotted a young Piscine child with vivid scarlet locks—a commonplace in Vatria and much prevalent within the Nervan royal family, but out of place in Levinis. Kastorias made fast friends with the child while their parents and older brother were busy with political talks, and so they suggested adopting the child as part of the family, considering that the child had no living family members and was often bullied and abused due to being a lionfish variant. However, the Kannars were wary of taking the child as their own and making them part of the royal family due to their semblance with the Vatrians and Nervan royal family. They eventually agreed to take the child and raise them alongside their own children without inheriting the Kannar name, and so the child began a new life in Faedr—the capital and seat of government in Kannar and Kastorias' home. The child was known as Malagdaer.

Malagdaer and Kastorias spent most of their time together, now that Malthiore is occupied with royal duties. They had similar lessons and tutors, hobbies, and even stayed in the same rooms until they were eighteen and Malagdaer was fifteen. Despite this, Malagdaer was not seen as a son of the royal family that carries the Kannar name, but as someone whom the family merely took in and raised as their own. Malagdaer worked their way from being a lowly squire when they were fourteen until they became a knight worthy of fighting for the kingdom that enabled him to start anew, which earned them the respect of the servants and some of their fellow knights. The longer they stayed by each other's side, the more Kastorias' feelings for Malagdaer developed from fraternal to romantic. However, Kastorias always made sure to make his affection a little less conspicuous to avoid any gossip whatsoever from the servants, or worse, his own family. In fact, when Kastor tasted human flesh for the first time and felt the effects it had on Piscines, he often steered clear of Malagdaer in an effort to avoid getting their hands on them until it became an unhealthy habit for Kastor to suppress his urges. But Kastor eventually learns that Malagdaer is often bullied and tormented by the other knights for being the object of attention of the Kannars—most especially their beloved prince Kastor. This angers Kastor, but Malagdaer insists that they'd rather not accept Kastor's aid in fear of aggravating the situation by proving the other knights that they were right with their assumptions. This then prompted Malagdaer to persevere further and earn their place as champion. 

L A E C E S I A N - K A N N A R A N    W A R

While Kastor is proud of them for reaping the fruit of their efforts, the prince grows worried for Malagdaer when Laeces declared war on Kannar when Kastor was nearing his 98th birthday. Kainesdaer and Iodra visited Laeces alongside their sons as well as Malagdaer to discuss the territorial dispute over an island that sits between the borders of their kingdoms. However, Kainesdar brings up Falragda—the capital of the Kyarran empire—and the Cryodracoians' jurisdiction over Gleris, and Laeces' monarch is angered by Kannar's decision to hand over a part of their territory to a surface-dwelling race. With this, they decide to settle it by conducting a duel between their champions, and the Laecesians are shocked to know that Kannar's champion is Malagdaer—the orphaned child that once roamed their streets that had a strong resemblance to the Nervan royal family. The battle concluded with Kannar's victory, but Laeces swore to make their other Piscine kingdoms turn against Kannar, and thus destroy whatever efforts Kannar had done to regain their alliances with other Piscine kingdoms due to their long-time alliance with the Cryodraconians.

Weeks later, Laeces officially declares war on Kannar and the chaos went on for thirty years. Kastor was in shambles when Malagdaer was captured and sent to the surface and doesn't come back until a year later, but the prince had to get himself together and be there for their people in the face of adversary. Both kingdoms had their share of tragedy and turmoil, but Kannar had a bigger blow when Malthor had fallen in the middle of battle. Distraught over their brother's demise, Kastor discovers a part of themself they thought they never had. Kastor had lost his composure and began to slaughter Laeces' men, but trouble ensued when they started to lose their senses. Blinded by rage and vengeance, Kastor nearly tried to kill anyone who got in their way and the danger he posed towards their own men forced Malagdaer to snap the prince out of their folly. The disappointment, shock, and perturbation Kastor felt after realizing that he had the same anger-driven loss of control their predecessors had when emotionally unstable was unbearable and they confide in Malagdaer that they fear they'll let their emotions consume them. Still, Malagdaer believed that Kastor was not the monster they thought they were and pressed them to go on for the sake of Kannar and Malthior, with Malagdaer right by their side. However, another tragedy occurs twenty years later when Kannar was on the verge of defeat and Kainesgard was killed while in the palace, and rather than dying at the hands of the enemy, Iodra committed suicide, leaving Kastor the only living Kannar royal left. Kastor didn't even have enough time to mourn over the deaths of their parents and had to fight in the frontlines to try and sway the tide of battle. Kannar managed to push through, but the next couple of years weren't any more forgiving for the new soon-to-be-king. Left without a reigning monarch after Kainesdaer's demise, Kastor is appointed as the new King of Kannar, sans the formal rites due to their current situation.

During the last few months of the war, Kastor and Malagdaer take some time for themselves amidst the conflict. They visited one of the places they visited often during their childhood and reminisced about the past. It doesn't take long until Kastor blurts out their feelings toward Malagdaer and the latter surprisingly returned the prince's feelings. However, Malagdaer states that with their current situation—and not to mention that a knight may not marry a royal such as Kastor—they had to keep their feelings tucked away. Malagdaer had also initially thought that his feelings were merely part of his unwavering loyalty to the crown and Kastor, but as the years had passed, they eventually realized that what they had was more than they thought. With this, Kastor promised to take Malagdaer's hand and do away with fate, but Malagdaer knew something Kastor didn't—he crossed paths with one of the goddesses of fate during his time at the surface and was told of a tragic end, but Malagdaer was unsure of what she meant due to the vague prophecy.  A little hesitant due to the morbid premonition, Malagdaer tells Kastor not to make any promises in case fate had something else in mind for them, which then bothers Kastor for the next few months.

With Laeces taking a blow with the death of their monarchs, Kannar was nearing their victory until Malagdaer was killed by the hands of the crown princess of Laeces. Kastor—now at the edge of their wits while struggling with their ever-worsening depression and PTSD during the last twenty years—goes on a rampage and murders the last of Laeces' men. With no one strong and brave enough to stop them, Kastor disappears for a few days and isolates themself in one of the regions by the Kannaran borders. Their people thought they had lost their rightful king and Kastor felt guilty for letting his emotions get in the way of things, but their return brought nothing but happiness to the war-torn Kannar and Kastor themself. By the time they first stepped foot into the palace gates to await their formal coronation, they're greeted by a familiar figure—one they never expected to see again.

During Kastor's absence, Valfreyja—a psychopomp from the underworld—came to visit to reap the souls of the dead. Lilith—also named 'Vanhil' or death herself—came to visit as well with her mother Ciara—an Ancient who earned a human form to reside in the surface as a necromancer. Ciara recognized Malagdaer as the son of one of her beloved confidants—a fellow Ancient—and volunteered to resurrect the Piscine. Compared to ordinary mortals, Ancients and their descendants can be resurrected without losing their soul, and thus they don't end up as empty husks akin to zombies. While it was no easy feat, Ciara managed to raise Malagdaer back from the dead, but Malagdaer now has to accept that fact that they're now considered as part of the undead and worries that the Piscines will find more reason to shun them due to their aversion towards reanimation. But the servants of the royal family didn't care for such things, knowing that Kastor's heart would be a little less broken to know that their beloved had returned. 

Malagdaer welcomed Kastor with open arms and the new king refuses to believe that they weren't in a dream. When told of what happened, Kastor grows concerned over the treatment Malagdaer may receive for being undead, but Malagdaer convinces them that they had more things to worry about than them being undead, such as their supposed resemblance with the Nervans and the Ancient ancestry they never knew until recently. Nevertheless, Kastor was glad to have Malagdaer back and the two eventually became lovers as promised not too long afterward. Five years later after rehabilitating Kannar until it regained its stability, the two tied the knot as king and consort and had a daughter—Driadis—a year later. The two considered her as their pride and joy, and Driadis later grows up with the love of both her parents, the doting Orvossas, and the people of Kannar.