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name: sniper
gender: male
age: young adult
species: umbreon
orientation: bisexual
alias: snickers, prince saros

appearance: sniper's build is tall and lanky, though he's fit. his design is based off of an umbreon, having dark grey fur accompanied by yellow markings.
he's got big ears and a large, fluffy tail. his eye color is red. his left eye has a red ring around it. he's got sharp teeth accompanied by fangs. the "heartbeat" markings around his ankles represent a special contract. there's two large diagonal scars on his back.

personality: to summarize, he's a sensitive asshole. he's got some anger issues; biggest sore loser on the block. thinks he's strong as hell cuz he's got guts and real ambition, but as a result he's a bit cocky and overconfident. despite that, he's got a big heart and is very protective over his husband and kids. you can read his emotions through his body language. for example, if he's upset he'll be slouching, looking down, crossing his arms, etc. when he's feeling confident he'll have solid posture, hands on hips, etc.

bio: during his childhood, he used to belong to a royal family before his parents' deaths. (see the tab about his youth) soon afterwards he met someone who offered to give his life a "fresh start." he now maintains a new identity and a dangerous new way of life.


  • felicity (mother): sniper and his mom were very close when he was young. she was a kind-hearted soul who tried to protect him from his father. he visits her grave every year.
  • sebastian (father): sniper's father was harsh towards him during his childhood with the misguided intent that it would make him stronger. on top of that, he murdered sniper's mother, which led to sniper killing him in return. all sniper ever wanted when he was younger was for his father to love him. unfortunately his father was terrible at showing that.
  • eve (twin sister): when they were kids they were inseparable. after their parents died the two stopped talking completely, as eve partially blamed sniper for their deaths. they have a lot of things they need to work through. despite this, they still love each other deep down.
  • bella (step sister): sniper has always disliked bella ever since they were kids. he was always envious of her, as his father made the effort to visit her. as adults they have a mutual understanding of one another but rarely keep in touch.
  • striker (husband): sniper and striker were childhood best-friends before striker's accident. after the accident they were separated for several years before they were united. striker came back to sniper at an extremely low point in his life, and so he claims that striker saved his life by coming back into it. they eventually confessed their love for each other and got married!! they've taken on the difficult task of raising two wonderful kids. sniper would give everything for striker, including his own life. he means the absolute world to him. 

fun facts:
- sniper was one of my first ocs that I ever created back in 2010. he was originally a shape-shifting vampire who could teleport, lmao.
- the stories connected to the scars on his back keep changing for me. i'm still not 100% on the official cause for them.
- if he becomes sick/ill he will refuse to believe it.
- he can play the piano fairly well, however he hasn't played since his youth.
- he’s got a pretty low alcohol tolerance so he tends to stay away from the stuff.