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Hibiki Himura

"Heros are the same as killers. Since that the case I should be a Hero!"


Hibiki Himura

Biographical Information
  • Japanese Name
    Hibiki Himura
  • American Name
    Mara Jackson
  • Alias
    Mockingbird, Sister
Personal Description
  • Birthday
    September 9
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Hair Color
    greyish red
  • Eye Color
  • Blood Type
  • Quirk
  • Status
  • Birth-Place
    New York City, New York
  • Family
    Akio Himura/ Copycat (mother)| Haruka Himura / The Mad Scientist (father)| Ryuunosuke Himura (Brother)
  • Occupation
    U.A. Student/ Spy for the League of Villains
  • Affiliation
    Class 1-A / League of Villains
  • Fighting Style

Hibiki Himura

Was the second child to a Hero mother who wants took to keep up a good image, Akio Himura, and a Villian Father who was trying to changes his ways, Haruka Himura. After watching her father, Hibiki had turned her back on being a hero and being a spy for The League of Villians.


Hibiki Himura is a teen girl. With a greyish red hair, that lays flat with a strand or two that are out of place. She has two hair clips one of a goldfish and the other of a Maneki-Neko. Hibiki was born with both eyes being grey, but to an unfortunate childhood event, Hibiki's right eye now has the same color ration of that of a cat's. She also has scratch marks on her neck, form when she gets nervous, stress, or irritated it is usually done to help calm herself. She is also alseen with a leater braclet with a gold hafe of a heart to a friendship charm.

Hibiki Street outfit a light orange sweater with a cat on it the right sleeve is a dark grey with light grey strips. Along with green leggings with cat faces on it. Paired with two different color socks. Hibiki also wears a lot Silly Bandz with that outfit with an old Lightning McQueen watch.

Hibiki villain Outfit is things more or less out of her clostes. The costume consists of a medium grey jacket with a light blue hood and two light blue stips on the upper arm. Drak grey red shirt under the jacket and dark pair of jeans. She has a belt with a small letter book attached to it, the book has information on others quirks so she can use them in battle. The belt also holds a blade and a place to hold four small vials of quirk enhancing drugs. She also keeps another knife in her boot and backup of the same book that is on her belt

Hibiki's hero out, She only has this becuse she need to keep suspion low. But once She lives U.A. She plans on using parts of the costume When she is working with the League. The Out is drak dreen with a neon green strips on it. The neon green Strips hold the Quirk Enhancing Drug, that allows her to use it with out drinking it. There is a Sliout of a mockingbrid on her back. The suit is more formfitting do to Hibiki need to be able to move quickly so he also had knee pads and elbow padds allowing her to slid on the grounf if need. Hibiki has a small Ipad like thing attached to her letting her to quckly pull up the information she needs when copying some one elses quirk. She also has a head set so she can comucte with others when she to far them to just talk to her.




Hibiki Put on a super friendly and outgoing personality when she is interacting with Class 1-A. She makes it seem like she is the purest person in the world. She does this to make herself not treating and to win the trust of her class.

The reality is that Hibiki is introvert and level head when it comes to most things. But when she is overstimulated or when her ADHD acts up, She can become easily irritated and over while causing her to lose her cool. Hibiki has a lack of restraint leading to make some dumb decisions. LIke her father is pretty smart and manipulative. She is also like her mother in the since Hibiki Has a lot of drive to do things and passion.


Mimic- Is a quirk that is a combination of Copycat and Replicate, making a rare mutation since is both of there users quirks and can only be found in the Himura siblings.Copycat, a quirk that allows that user to take the form of someone they have seen and can remeber their apperance (This half of the quirk is hard to use) or animal part of the Felidae family (much easier to do and is what the quirk is known for) they know or see but if used for too long the user's body may obtain some aspects of the person or thing they copied. The other quirk Replicate, which enables the user to use other peoples quirks after they have to study it and seeing in use, but they must fully know how it works and the limits of the power. Buse if not it can severely injure or kill the user. Mimic does follow the rules of the two quirks its combination, but it does have its own rules and limits. This is a very heavy memory based quirk and unpredictable since you need to be excitedly precise of what you want in knowing what it is the user is copying. If used in properly may cause death. The user can't copy Mutant Quirks, They feature permanent alteration on the user's body or Healing quirks. The tranforming part of the Qurik is diffialte to use when coppying a persons apperince to the user will carry photo(s) of the peron they want to copy the apperncae of. But can easy turn in to aniamal part of the Felidae family.


  • Fake out: Hibiki makes her self look a stronger opponent than she actually is, trying to scare her opponent into backing down or getting them to freeze so she can attack.
  • Mocking Bird: Where Hibiki use uses her opponent's appearance and quirk to fight them while shouting insults. She very really does this do to the reason she may not always know her opponent's quirk.
    • Follow Me: Follow Me is like Mocking Brid, but it not used in fighting and used lure people in traps by using someone they love or hate to get them to follow her into an ambush.
  • sǐ: When Hibiki only uses the Quirk Deacy. This is done when she has had enough of fighting or When she order to kill by Tomura Shigaraki..

Fighting:: Hibiki will fight to the death, as she believes that you should go down fighting. This also because of her father as he died fighting. She is usually tried and not to be the first to attack as she wants to see how her opponents fight.

Stong Memory:Hibiki has a great memory do to her quirk, but the issue is that She has a hard time staying focused. So her memory is spotty does to her thought to get jumbled all the time. But when she is forced, it can be scary how much she can remember.

Obsvernt: Hibiki has a keen eye being able to pick up someone smallest mannerisms and copying them. But you can usually tell who she is watching or has been around because of this.

1/5 E
5/5 A
4/5 B
4/5 B
3/5 C


  • Hair clips: The two hair clips Hibiki is seen usually seen wearing are audio recording devices. When She is talking to someone the League has an interest in she will take them out of her hair seem to be messing with them, but that is just to get better audio. They are not only recording devices they were given to as a gift from her father and were initially only hair clips before configured to be a recording device.
  • The Quirk Enhancer:: Do to Hibiki not being super strong with her quirk, she relies a lot on this drug to make her stronger. She had made it by following some of her father original recipe on how to make it but changed some things so it will just effect her.
  • The Book: Do to Hibiki shakey ness when it came to her thoughts she has a book that allows her to be able to pull up the quirks she needs to fight. It holds all the information that she needs to use the person quirk, and she is never seen without it.



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  • Katsuki Bakugo vs. Izuku Midoriya: Win
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  • Sed convallis tristique sem: Win
  • Proin ut ligula vel nunc egestas porttitor: Win
Maecenas mattis
  • Morbi lectus risus, iaculis vel, suscipit quis, luctus non, massa: Lose
  • Fusce ac turpis quis ligula lacinia aliquet: Win
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  • Hibiki, date of birth is considered unlucky. Since the number nine sounds like the word for pain and suffering in Japanese.
  • Hibiki will copy others body language without noticing, which gets her in trouble.
  • Hibiki is very well know for her thick New York accent and her uses of Old americn slang terms.(Please keep in mind I our current time is consder old in this Unverius) like Yeet, Begon Thot, and much much more.
  • Silly Bandz she loves them and hords them like a dragon hords gold.
  • Hibiki Can and has downed a 3-liter bottle of Coke-cola. Because she could, and it is her favorite soda
  • She always the skin off of grapes and blueberries before eating them. Her father did it now; she does it, and she is not sure why she does it, but she can seem to break the bad habit.
  • Like the mockingbird, she is really good at copying songs, but she can only hum or whistle them since she can't sing for shit.
  • Her allies Mockingbird was initially to point out how she can mimic people. But later stuck with do to what the bird symbolizes: Cleverness, Joyfulness, Gratitude, Intelligence, Playfullness, Protection, Security, Communication
  • "how about hibiki modeling herself after those she idolizes without realizing it? it's not overtly noticeable, at least at first, but she might start wearing her clothes a little differently or doing her hair a new way to emulate whoever it is she finds respectable... or how about her having to wear corrective eye wear (be it glasses or contact lenses) to help mediate the differences in vision between her eyes?" - head cannon byorphic


Age 0 to 5

Hibiki Himura The only daughter and the youngest kid to the Pro Hero Copycat (Akio Himura) and the well known Villain The Mad Scientist (Haruka Himura). She was born in New York City and lived there until she was five when they moved back to Japan to escape the angry family. Hibiki is the runt of the family her not being as strong as her parents or her older brother, Ryuunosuke Himura. Hibiki Family was not like much because of her parent marriage, the only part that keeps them from being shunned was Haruka taking his wife's last name and how he acts in wanting to change his ways. So when Hibiki and her brother was born, it was believed that they were both was to become heroes, and it looked like that was how it was going to. Hibiki was born with ADHD, which made hard for her parent to control her as a kid, so she got in a lot of trouble. But Hibiki never seem to cause trouble on purpose she always seems to have her heart in the right place, and she wants to help others.


age 5 to 10

Hibiki was five when The first signs of her quirk started to show. Her parents quickly realized she was like her older brother, Ryuunosuke, but a lot weaker. It was challenging for her to do the smallest thing with her quirk. So her mother did her best to train her to use her half of the quirk, but it was clear from the being that Hibiki was a slow learner and not as powerful as her brother since they shared the same quirk. Ryuunosuke trained a lot by his father he hated that since he hated his father, unlike his sister who about loved him

When Hibiki was about 10, and Ryuunosuke was 17, their father was caught creating monsters to kill and creating drugs that could make a quirk stronger or take a quirk away. Little did the kids know was that it was there mother that told the other pro's so they decided to get rid of him — Hibiki out curious when some pros came to the house and took their father away. So Hibiki diced to follow them using her mothers half of her quirk she changed into a cat and followed them. Hibiki loved her father a lot and always looked up to him, and want to be like him. Hibiki didn't know his past, or why he was hated so much, since to her, he seemed like a great person. While following them as a cat, she watched the heroes beat her father and then took him to a tall building throwing off of it. Hibiki had not to clue what to or if she could tell her mother what she had seen. It frightened her and turned her away from being a hero as she saw them now as ruthless killers. Hibiki didn't stay in the form of a cat as long as she would hurt it as it did, chasing her right eye to have the same color and pupil of cat's. Hibiki stayed with her father's dead body until the police came, she didn't want to leave his side, Since he only had a little bit of life left in him. So in his dying breath, he gave her the key to the safe that had all of his researchers and told her to find All for One saying her would help her. It was later on the news it said that her dad died due to suicide and not of murder. Hibiki was shocked no one would say what happened. Hibiki became fearful of heroes and started to exclude herself off from her mom and brother they both carried life on life as usual while she was stuck grieving as she never told her finally goodbyes since her mom refused to hold a funeral for her father. Hibiki became more bitter and refused to take her ADHD med, which led her to came angry and acting a little monster. Her mother did her best to try and get Hibiki to see reason through train, which failed. Hibiki started to cope by going over her father's work, and it came to the point of obsession.


Middleschool life

Hibiki's middle school years were pretty difficult for her. With the cat coloring in her eye, she was picked on a lot of it. But most of the bullying was due to her lack of strength and control (She never received quirk training elementary school because of her mother wanting to do it herself.) when it came to her quirk. Her older brother, Ryuunosuke, seems to be the person who encouraged most. Since Hibiki, was still grieving over there father and Ryuunosuke hated his father. Hibiki's mother still pushed her to be a Pro and to forget about her. Father, telling her to stop looking over his old work and she attempted to burn the old notebooks to get them out of Hibiki's hands.

Hibiki would also despair at times and wouldn't return home until night or seek out at night to find the man that was talked about in father's notes.


Finding the League of Villains

Hibiki would find the League of Villains. She found All for One based on her father's notes. She came to Him scared and wanting to show the evil that heroes cause. All for One had worked with her father in trying to figure out a way of creating a Nomu without his quirk if he were to die or get arrested, he decided to help her. He did his best to make her quirk stronger, All for One put Tomura Shigarak in charge of training her as Shigarak successor. Hibiki quickly took a liking to him and wanted to be just like him (like a younger sibling sees an older sibling). Shigarak took advantage of the younger wishing to impress him, she basically became his attack dog and using her to do some of his dirty work.

During this Time Hibiki mother really saw her daughter she only seems to come to sleep. Hibiki Behavior appears to change to, being a lot calmer but more aggressive when it came to fighting. Hibiki's brother had completely disowned her and was finishing up his time at U.A. When a year before Hibiki would go there. He kept saying that his sister is nothing but trouble, and this was not just because of a change in behavior but how she looked a lot like her father.

Time at U.A. and After



In a last-ditch effort to help Hibiki, her mother sent her to U.A. She got in on recommendation, Hibiki hates this as does eve want to be there. The league of villain asked her to spy for them, so she did.She came in to the Schoolmiddle of the year after her mothers attamp to homeschool her failed. She was placed in class A-1, where she says and gains all the information she can on the class and the teachers

After U.A.




Mother: Akio Himura/ Copycat

Akio is a Pro Hero; her quirk is Copycat (allows her Take the form of another human or animal, but she tends to take the form of animals (cats) more than humans.) Akio really wants her daughter to be a pro like her, but Hibiki wants nothing to do with the life of a pro-hero after her father’s death. Akio did her best to led her daughter away from a life of villainy even getting her into U.A. Akio trained her daughter how to use her shapeshifting part of her quirk but never her father’s half of the quirk. Hibiki didn’t like her mom since she pushed so much to be a hero, Hibiki hated this because her mother never seemed to care what her actions did to her husband. This led Hibiki to be treated differently than her brother as her mom always would say that Her acts are evil and that she needs to change her ways. She came to Japan to live her other family to learn to be a stronger hero.

Father: Haruka Himura / The Mad Scientist


Haruka is a villain who fell head over heels for Akio and worked alongside the Villain All for One. His quirk is to be able to copy other quirks, Replicate. He earned his villain name as he would genetically modify peoples quirks to create monsters do his bidding. He wanted to increase his quirk's power so he would use his quirk to study other’s powers to try and make them stronger and to create hero killing monsters. Haruka power when to his head, but only fell when he meet Akio. Haruka moved to America for a couple with his wife and raised their kids there be for moving back to Japan. When he had kids, he decided to try and turn his back on his past, since he had lived such an awful life. As history often does, it repeats it's self. Haruka fell back into his old ways, being offered a chance to work alongside All for One. He did for many years in helping in trying to figure out what would be the best way to create the Nomu. His work would often follow him home, and Hibiki seemed to always have an interest in what he was doing. Haruka Saw how much his daughter want to be him and how much she loves him, funny enough she looked just like him. But he would offen not pay attion to his daugter as it seemed to only drive her to want to impress him more and more. Be for he died he gave his quirk to All for One so it woul dmake his dughter stronger. So when he died, he knew had to send to All for One to help her, and to guide her knowing that the family would probably disown her. Haruka had seen the work All for one had done with the boy he had taken in and hoped that Hibiki would be safe with him and would help her. He died on 4/ 9 / year unknown, of murder by a group of heroes carrying out a favor for someone.

Brother: Ryuunosuke Himura

Older brother. who has the same quirk as his sister but it is stronger with his mothers half. He a rookie hero who graduated U.A.’s hero track at the top of his class. He dreams of being like his mother and nothing like his father so he does what he can do to prove himself to her. He hates his sister for her not wanting to be a Pro Hero like their mother and not turning her back on their father as he and his mother did. But he wants her to change her ways, so he is always trying to help change her ways. But after years of trying, he gave up on her and completely disowned her. This lead to endless bulling and Hibiki seeing heros has the Villians.


Class 1-A

She is friendly to her classmates in 1-A, but she is closer to some of the classmates than others this is due to her trying to learn more about them since he sees them as a threat or she is trying to turn them against the Heroes. She sees some of them as powerful allies if she would ever to get into trouble. For the most part she not a fan of them.

Tenya Iida

Out of all of Class 1-A, Hibiki took a liking to Tenya Iida, even thought acts like his opposite when going to UA. He helped her a lot on her first day. She fully trusts him, and would like to be more than frineds but can do to her choice to Villian. Hibiki promised herself to tell him That she is fighting for the league of Villans before they would fight on opposites sides. Hibiki has a bad habit of copying his hand movements, which will sometimes throw of Iida when he is talking to her. Hy usually calms her down after inactions with Neito Monoma.

Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi Shinso, Hibiki also had taken a liking to him as they both love cats and will sit for hours and talk about cat. Making him a Friend and making him one of the only people at UA, next to Iida she will call a friend. The reason she likes him is done to him, reminding her of "Older Brother." Hibiki has, on many occasions, stood by his side when people would make up of him. Like Iida, She promises to tell him if that she is part of the League of Villains when times come.


League of Villains

Hibiki Is very wary of most of the members because they are a lot for her. She is also one of the youngest members making it hard for her to connect for find common ground with most of the members. She is also not like too much due to standing in the ranks and being train under Tomura Shigaraki. But she is close to the main four of the Vanguard Action Squad and even sees them as family and Mr. Compress a father figuger after Kurogiri got arrested.

Tomura Shigaraki

So she is “friends” with Tomura Shigaraki, even though he is older than she is, Hibiki acts like the adult out of the two. Hibiki sees him as the older brother she had never had but always wanted. She is loyal to him only really following his commands like a dog would and willing to put herself in harm's way to keep from losing someone she saw as family. Tomura Shigaraki keeps her around due to her giving him so much attention and seeing him as a god, in other words, he keeps her around to feed his ego. Hibiki will refure to him as "Older Brother", "Brother", or "Big Bro".



Hibiki sees them as a dad. He allows to rant about her problems to him and is usually someone who can usually calm her down. He has also stopped her from making some pretty bad choices or getting herself hurt.



Por Heroes

Hibiki has a major hated for the pros. Due to only seeming to care about fame and who people view them. But this hated is very much stemmed from her father's death and her mother.

Neito Monoma

Neito Monoma form Class 1-B brings out the worst in Hibiki, and when her true colors shine throw, it goes to the point she almost blows her cover. She hates this man with a passion and which nothing more to see him dead. Monoma hates her with an equal passion due to their quirks being so smiler and her getting into 1-A. Hibiki Vowed when she becomes a full Villan She will kill him and had promise t make it so painful. Iida on many different occasions has had to pull Hibiki off of Monoma for almost killing him.

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