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✨  'Kawa' 

Note: Roxie is polyamorous. She has permission to date other people while married
Note 2: This character began as a canon character that ended up only keeping a very small amount of their canon self intact. I absolutely do not claim ownership to the original character, but this character has become far detached they should not be associated not be considered one in the same.
❥ Alias: 'Kawa'

❥ Marital Status: Roxie's Boyfriend

❥ Nationality: Japanese

❥ Favourite Snack:  Black Coffee with sweets (Biscotti, Maracons, Creme puffs)

❥ Hobby: Reading

❥ Race: Branch of Demon

Family: Brother, Unnamed Siblings, Roxie's Family
Introduction to Roxie
After working together on a TV series, Roxie was not Kawa's biggest fan. She took interest in his younger brother, who she dated and later married.

Their romance began at a party, when Roxie was pulled away due to having an anxiety episode. He came up to her to comfort her and the two ended up talking as friends rather than as co-workers. Even though she knew him from before, she began to see another side to him as he let his guard down. Later that night, Kawa texted her to meet up for coffee the next day. 

The two met up at Roxie's favourite Cafe, the two of them sitting outside in the cold together. They got to talking which led to them slowly realizing how much they had in common. Kawa was known to be popular with women and known to be rather flighty, so the remainder of her family was wary of him. Because of this, Roxie kept their meeting a secret.

For months after that, the two met up for coffee in secret, slowly building their romance until they gradually fell in love. Roxie was afraid that he would break her and he was afraid of his own feelings so neither could tell the other how they were feeling. They would often sit outside in the dead of winter and talk or enjoy each other's company, sometimes sitting on their laptops holding hands. Roxie's husband recalled Kawa once referring to an unknown girlfriend at the time they were going on, who he later confirmed to be Roxie. One night, they ended their coffee meeting early and Kawa invited her to come over. The two watched youtube videos until late, hanging out and talking not doing much else. The two fell asleep watching lets plays together. Kawa then realized the burden their relationship was having on Roxie as she was afraid of her family's disapproval.

Their next date he walked her home and kissed her, telling her the two needed to stop seeing each other. This crushed Roxie and caused her to spiral. In the months that followed nobody could figure out why she detested him so much. 

The two slowly became close again and her friends and family began to notice what they believed was a crush forming. They told her their concerned but said they would ultimately support her in whatever made her happy. He became her best friend in the eyes of everyone watching but Roxie began to try to get him to date Kira in order to end her feelings for him. At a party one night, she admitted to everybody that Kawa was her boyfriend. 


Kawa is known to be larger than life and rather effeminate for a man. He's known for being incredibly resilient to life's troubles and tends to have a plotting smile on no matter what. He's intelligent but cares more about worldly things rather than making something of his life. He's flirtatious and known to be a huge playboy but ultimately doesn't want to admit that he's lonely.
He can be rather overbearing, doing different things to try to elicit reactions. He loves seeing how he can impact someone just using his words. 

  • Though he appears confident and secure, Kawa has severe anxiety and he takes medication for it.

  • He loves a particular ferris wheel where he'd usually escape to as a kid. Roxie was the first girl he took up with him.

  • He doesn't smoke normally and has strong self control, but he'll smoke weed or cigarettes randomly to tease / upset Roxie.

  • Roxie has openly said she thinks Kawa is her soulmate if she ever believed in them

  • Even though he appears mean and tries to tease Roxie to get a reaction out of her, he cares deeply for her.

  • He gets flustered and bothered when he hasn't been hugged in a while. Roxie used to give him massages when they were friends / crushes to make him feel better

  • Roxie's story has always been developed in real time and I found out the same time everyone else did that Roxie had dated Kawa. She was genuinely angry at him and there were so many things that I wrote and was confused about like how she was friends with him for one minute and blew up the next. It came way too naturally that they were having a secret relationship behind my back too.

  • Roxie believes Kawa will never marry her even though that's far from the truth.

  • Even though Roxie is a jealous person, she loves and trusts Kawa more than anyone else.

  • Roxie is very jealous of his past experiences with women. He likes seeing her upset over it since it makes him feel wanted.

  • He's had sex with another woman (twice) in front of  Roxie before they were a couple.  It haunts him more than it haunts her

  • It's hard to convey over a TH profile, but the two kind of annoy each other but in ways the other can tolerate. If he ever oversteps a line, they would talk about it and he would never do it again.

Falling in love again

Roxie constantly tried to push Kawa on Kira in order to get rid of her feelings. The two got along quite well which made Roxie jealous until she admitted to everyone what had happened while he was out of the room. Kawa approached her that night and asked her why she was upset. She simply told him that 'the guy she liked didn't like her back'. Not realizing she was talking about him, Kawa got jealous trying to insist that mystery guy wasn't good for her anyway. Seeing as she was heartbroken, he decided it was his job as new best friend to stay with her. He was given a guest room and the two hung out as friends for two weeks (The time he promised to stay).

When the two weeks was up, she still convinced him to stay longer. Two week turned into a month... a month turned into two...

Finally the two reconciled after a few months, making their relationship official again. 

And two months turned into a life tme



 Teasing Roxie / Being teased

❥ Making Roxie Jealous

❥ Black Coffee

French Pastries 

Ferris Wheels

Speaking French

Playing music with his GF
❥ Being shot down

❥ Talking about their breakup

❥ His Family (Aside from his brother)

❥ Being shot down

❥ Talking about His past


Roxie Matalic970605?1529363778
Relation:  Girlfriend / Life Partner
Relationship: Roxie is Kawa's girlfriend and life partner. The two spend the most amount of time together as she usually spends the night in his room. The two understand each other on a level that no one else can.