Wanderlust's frontman. The folk hero.

friendly // eccentric // giving

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2019


Full Name Kennedy Flynn Age 43 Species Human
Nicknames None Birthday August 10, 1963 Gender Male
Prefers Kennedy Zodiac Leo Pronouns He/Him
Band Wanderlust Religion ??? Sexuality Straight
Band Role Frontman, lead guitar Background Irish Relationship Status Divorced
Day Job Musician Birthplace ??? Living Situation ???

Kennedy was the frontman and lead guitar of Wanderlust, the jam band that Roadie spent years working for, first as general crew, eventually working his way up to their trusted guitar tech. The band recently split up after many years, but it was an amicable parting of the ways, and they're still friends. Wanderlust had a big cult following, and they still have their loyal fans eagerly awaiting whatever its members do next, but for now, Kennedy's just enjoying some time off.

Kennedy originally founded the band with his then-future-wife Shea. They divorced eventually, but they're still friends, just not right for each other in that way. Roadie has known the members of the band since he was a teenager-- they're some of the longest-lasting relationships in his life. In some ways, he grew up around them. He and Kennedy still keep in touch, and whether he asks for it or not, Kennedy's eager to offer advice and support to his little baby roadie now that he's off to spread his wings.

Kennedy is friendly, kind, and canny, if a little bit a space cadet and very much a character. He never wears any shoes unless it's absolutely required, and never happily. Yes, he walks around New York City's streets completely barefoot-- when he's not using his unicycle to get around. He owns a pet iguana named Jeffrey, which often rides around on his shoulder. You could maybe say he's a hippie, but mostly he's just Kennedy.

Height: 6'1"/185cm Build: Lanky, slim
Eyes: Green Hair: Sandy brown, straight
Handedness: Right Style: Hippie

Kennedy dresses in earthy colors, lots of denim, and, of course, never any shoes if he can avoid it.


Shea Ex-Wife / Former Bandmate

Shea and Kennedy go way back-- they founded the band together, eventually married, eventually divorced, and they're still friends, even if their lives have gone separate ways.


Harvey Former Bandmate

Harvey was the drummer for Wanderlust, and he and Kennedy were old friends even before the band.


Joie Former Bandmate

Joie played rhythm guitar for the band, and they're still good friends.


Roadie Old Friend

Roadie worked as crew for Wanderlust for many years, since he was a teenager. Kennedy is still fond of his little roadie, and they still keep in touch.

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