Jediah Walker



3 years, 5 months ago

Basic Info


Jediah Walker






14 July








Voluntarily Homeless




Neutral Good


Demiromantic, Asexual






Kingstree, South Carolina



    Jed’s Flock

Jediah has the ability to communicate with and control corvids. He acts as a center to his flock which consists almost entirely of American Crows aside from a handful of Common Ravens. He is kind and considerate towards his birds and usually just asks for their cooperation rather than outright controlling them. He assigns names to all of them in order to more easily keep track of them all.

Jed’s memory is very impressive and he remembers almost everything due to the collective memory of his crows acting as a sort of information bank that he can access. As such, he moves through the city easily and safely by being acutely aware of where people are at all times by knowing their schedules and keeping close tabs on them.

    Communication and Scrying

Jed can communicate with his birds telepathically (for long-distances) and verbally (for close distances) and is capable of maintaining a connection to them throughout the span of the entire city. Typically, he uses his power to spy on the city and the people in it as well as communicate or send notes to others. His crows observe and will “ping” Jed if they see something interesting or threatening. Jed’s subconscious is mentally hooked up to the entirety of his flock so they instinctively know to pay attention to things that Jed would. In this way, Jed’s flock works as an extended consciousness that is constantly active.

Information relayed in this fashion is abstract and Jed experiences it as how one would recall a memory. If a solid sensory aid is necessary, Jed is capable of scrying through a bird, seeing as it sees and influencing its movements. His physical form is incapable of moving or reacting to anything around it when he is scrying so he uses the power both rarely and fleetingly.

    Monster Form

In life-threatening situations or when Jed feels that he is pressed into a corner that he has no hope of getting out of, his powers rebound onto himself. This distorts his body, making it into a crow-like monster that is stronger, faster, and more capable of fighting off danger. In this form he appears as a 9 foot-tall bipedal, crow-headed humanoid with a varied amount of red eyes riddling his face and his digits become hard, sharp claws. He has little control of his actions in this form until the threat is removed. He cannot use any of his other powers while assuming this form and shifting back into a human is usually a slow process (usually about an hour or two) as his astral spirit resets its natural flow.

    Side Effects

Jed can strain himself by taking in too much information at once (a common problem when he has to focus on more than one situation in the city at one time). This strain typically causes headaches, fatigue, and loss of awareness to his immediate surroundings. Following a rebound episode, Jed is prone to coughing up blood, muscle pain, and exhaustion.



The first thing noticeable about Jed is easily his height and the general lankiness of his form. Despite his height he hardly commands much of a presence and he’s difficult to notice if you’re not looking for him due to the apologetic way that he carries himself.

His black hair is short and often messy—he lets Sunny cut his hair to save a few bucks and usually the results will vary. His eyes are a light watery blue and he often has a rough time holding eye contact with others. His skin is very light and he burns easily so he does his best to stay out of direct sunlight when he can help it. Sunscreen is one of the luxuries that he allows himself out of necessity.

Underweight, he always prioritizes Sunny’s hunger over his own. He may lead a homeless lifestyle but he is exceptionally street-smart with who he befriends. His connections give him access to a lot of amenities and typically he finds the opportunity to shower at least every other day.

Jed has three distinct scars on his body, two from his mastectomy and the other from his hysterectomy.

    Dress and Mannerisms

Jed’s clothes are mismatched and well-worn, though he takes pride in taking good care of his few belongings. His clothes typically last for many years before they can no longer be used. He dresses comfortably in joggers, long sleeved shirts, and sweaters and he almost always wears a long coat and a scarf as well.

He carries himself in a timid fashion and he smiles a lot to keep tensions between him and others at an absolute minimum. He appears to be lazy, dozing off and napping often, but in reality he’s often in this state to make communicating with his flock easier.

He has periods in his life where he smokes cigarettes heavily and even when he’s off them he’ll still smoke at times to relieve stress. A typical gesture of stress for him is also the tapping or holding two fingers to his mouth in an ingrained smoking gesture.

Jed is left-handed.


Jediah is generally gentle and warm-spirited and he is regarded as a father-like figure to many younger supers within the city. He’s very patient and tolerant, especially with children and young adults. Despite this kind nature, he enjoys fun too and he likes to lovingly tease his friends, especially when they are the type that like to tease him. This is especially true with Sunny, who he enjoys joking around with the most. With enemies, he’s understandably passive-aggressive with his comments. 

Being so alert to all activity in the city, it’s pretty useless to lie to him, so you’re better off not trying.

Amiable and street-smart, he makes useful acquaintances very easily. Being passive is a benefit to him and he often defuses tension by simply smiling, making some calm jokes, and remaining friendly. This side of him gives off the impression that he’s a pushover, but he’s very capable of retreating tactfully or even fighting back when he needs to. But generally when confronted with malicious people, Jed will do his best to keep the atmosphere calm and non-aggressive.

Though Jediah will often avoid conflict, he is fiercely protective of his friends and loved ones and will quickly jump to their aid if ever threatened.



Jed was born in Kingstree, South Carolina. Mia and Hiram Anders weren’t married (and never would be) but Hiram allowed her and her child to live with him. Mia died, however, when Jed was three, leaving Hiram with the child. An unenthusiastic father, Hiram merely made sure that Jed had clothes and didn’t starve. Other than that he brushed Jed off at every attempt he made to connect with his father. The emotional neglect left Jed socially inept by the time he entered kindergarten. He was withdrawn and difficult to connect with. A few teachers managed to show him some kindness and through that he grew more stable.


Jed first became aware of his powers when he was around twelve. He was pushed out of social circles of other kids and he didn’t attempt to reach out to them either, instead spending recess by himself along with the crows that hung around the playground. He started to notice that the crows responded to his words (and even thoughts). The following years had him exploring the limits of his powers. Unwilling to spend time at home with his father, Jed spent his after-school time in town and it was here that he was able to sharpen his social skills which would help him when he left home on his eighteenth birthday, heading west. Jed’s small town proved to have no others with supernatural abilities and Jed felt that maybe if he could meet others like him, he would feel less like an abnormality. Having read about San Miguel’s high rate of people with powers, Jed felt that it was the best bet for his next home. Jed hitchhiked, walked, and stowed away the whole way to California, learning a lot along the way.


During his first year of living homeless in San Miguel, Jed befriended Otis Rhee, who was only a five year old at the time. Through Otis, Jed met Richard Cross and Min-Sook Rhee, both of whom were active researchers in the field of super abilities, and through them Jed spent a short period cooperating with EvoGro to help further their research. He personally disapproved of the company’s ambitions (feeling that inducing powers was only asking for trouble) and left, though he remained in close contact to the Cross-Rhee family as friends. He spent a lot of his time and energy being a friend to Otis. As Jed grew older, he found himself helping out many other young supers that had found themselves friendless in San Miguel.

Richard and Min-Sook divorcing was hard for Jed and due to Min-Sook taking Otis with her, Jed felt his presence was unnecessary around the Cross household. Jed returned to living on the streets, though he made an effort to visit when he could.

[Min’s death, Creation of Sanctum]

[Creation of Vanguard]

[Enter Sunny]


There are many young supers in the city that simply wish to lead safe and normal lives without having to align themselves to the Sanctum or the Vanguard and Jed assists the effort to help these supers by providing safe places for them and directions on where to go for help. He is well aware of the movements of both Richard Cross and Otis Rhee and finds himself caught in the middle and unable to do much without taking sides. He remains naïvely hopeful that Richard will come to his senses eventually and hinders Richard by feigning ignorance about The Vanguard’s movements.