Jediah Walker (Secret World)



【 Name 】 Jediah "Jed" Walker【 Alias 】 Corvus
【 Gender 】 Male【 Faction 】 Templar
【 Race 】 Human - "Bee" - Cursed【 Role 】 Vet. Field Agent
【 Age 】 37 years【 Primary 】 Shotgun
【 D.O.B. 】 July 14【 Secondary 】 Blood

"It's a joke. Lighten up."

A veteran field agent, Jed has been working for the Templar Order for nearly two decades now. Originally a confident and capable agent, major failures in recent years have caused his ability in the field to be compromised.  In a last-ditch effort by his superiors to regain his previous skill as a field agent, Jed has been assigned as a partner to Odie, a newcomer to the Templar Order. 



Jed is distant, laid-back, pessimistic, and passive-aggressive.

He has a dry sense of humor that can border on morbid at times (who can blame him with the life that Bees lead) and he deeply appreciates those that can catch on to his jokes. He enjoys teasing friends, lest they get too full of themselves. He doesn't get along well with people that take themselves too seriously or have no sense of humor and those people are the ones he'll really go after with his passive-aggression.

Despite his apparent disinterest in almost everything, people being in peril around him has him quickly showing his true colors. He'll do anything to defend his friends and teammates and is quick to jump to action in dire situations. Not a coward by any means, he'll sooner die than abandon a friend.

Jed has been a Bee for a long while now and has seen his fair share of hell, most of which doesn't affect him. Despite this, Jed is always spooked by ghosts and they are the one major supernatural aspect that he doesn't handle well--especially if you can't kill them. He also hates the amusement park in the Savage Coast. Otherwise, he tends to take most other things in stride, but isn't beyond getting caught by sudden scares.


Jed carries himself in a relaxed, easy-going manner, but in a way borne of apathy rather than self-assurance. He smokes almost constantly during his down-time and it's hard to catch him without a cigarette in his mouth or hand.

Because of his curse, crows are drawn to him and in areas where they live they will often perch on his shoulders or follow him around. Friends in his company will also be deemed suitable perches and will often get attention from these birds as well. If they don't like it, they'll have to fend for themselves--Jed will be too busy getting a kick out of their reactions to ask the birds to buzz off.

He has a strong case of wanderlust and enjoys the vagrant lifestyle that field agents typically have. Due to this he has refused to retiring to desk-work despite his floundering performance in the field.


Growing up in South Carolina and roaming southern states he had a strong non-rhotic southern accent, but has since been watered down during his time with the Templar Order. But his accent still remains decidedly American at its base--a thing that he makes sure of as he refuses to fall into any British accents while visiting London. 

He has a laid back manner of speaking and though his voice is husky from excessive smoking, it has a gentle undertone to it. A lot of his words slur together and he drops harder sounds from words.

He will exaggerate his accent to a stereotypical degree (full-on southern drawl) for comedic effect at times, often mockingly or to lighten a mood.


Jed is easily recognizable by his trademark yellow raincoat that he wears almost constantly--a habit that he picked up early on to be easily found by friends in the field, even if it made him look like a giant target to enemies at the same time. He almost always wears clothes that cover his entire body; long-sleeved shirts, high collars, long pants, and gloves. His style is very comfortable, trackpants and turtlenecks being his go-to for wearing underneath his coat. Field work is tiring as it is, there's no need to be uncomfortable while he's at it. He also likes wearing other brightly colored jackets--often windbreakers-- though the rest of his wardrobe is decidedly muted in color.

Pre-Secret World

Born in Kingstree, South Carolina, Jediah Walker was raised by a single, unenthusiastic father after his mother died when Jed was four. Both he and his father were unaware of her status as a witch which led to Jed being cursed when he was going through her old belongings (an event he never divulged to his father). Subject to emotional abuse from his father, he lived mostly out of the house during his teenage years before officially leaving home at age 16.

Joining the Secret World

Jed became an Agent of Gaia at age 17 while roaming through Arkansas and at this point he wondered if he could ever go at least a handful of years without something weird happening to him. The answer was "no", and a Templar representative showed up shortly after, offering him a chance at a different life. With few life aspirations lined up and naturally curious, Jed accepted after a few days of deliberation.

Field Agent Years and The Accident

Jed's near-zero ties to the normal world made him ideal as a field agent and soon after arriving to London he was deployed with a mentor. He learned quickly on the job and he did very good work now that he had a purpose. But his new abilities and being unable to die caused him to grow facetious and cocky in dangerous situations and he became reckless with his field work. For a long while, this attitude served him well. He became close friends with his young field partner, Cato Aberle, and they excelled as field agents. This friendship ended in disaster when Cato lost his arm to a filth encounter thanks to Jed's carelessness. Cato was 26 at the time. Jed was 34.

Jed was placed on leave without pay for two weeks, and he vanished for two months, effectively avoiding the Aberles and his superiors as he roamed around the west coast of the United States. When he finally returned, he was demoted but allowed to return to his work as a field agent. He insisted on working alone, but the recent events involving Cato caused his work to suffer greatly and he struggled with his spiraling mental health for roughly three years.

Present Day and Meeting Odie

While deployed to investigate strange happenings in the New England town of Kingsmouth, Jed met Odie who mysteriously appeared from seemingly no-where and then was suddenly his assigned field partner shortly thereafter. He submitted a complaint about the assignment to his handler and requested that Odie be transferred to someone else, but his request was denied. He then bitterly accepted his new companion, resigning himself to having to suffer another eventual tragedy.







Most of Jed's strength is found through high-stamina and tenacity rather than physical damage dealt out. Though equally street and book smart, he often over-thinks when trying to solve puzzles that are put in his path. Straightforward comments from Odie however can often help him see things a bit clearer. He adapts well to the supernatural, but not without an exclamation of some sort about it.

Jed is well-rounded in an underwhelming fashion when it comes to combat--not particularly excelling in any one field focus, a side-effect of working alone. Since becoming partners with Odie, however, he's focused more of his talents into his healing abilities to avoid a repeat of past tragedies. He plays a supportive role to Odie and anyone else he cooperates with--and he's just fine with that.

Primary - Shotgun

When it comes to dealing damage, Jed's usual tactic is shoot-til-dead. The back up plan being stun-and-run. With Odie as his partner, however, he is content with providing backup-damage when the fight is going well. He usually keeps himself at a mid-range, but uses point-blank shots to knock enemies down or to disrupt attacks to provide Odie and himself time to regroup and counterattack.

Secondary - Blood

When a battle is going poorly or when going against a strong enemy, Jed falls back on his blood magic to provide buffs and healing. Because he focuses almost exclusively on healing with his blood magic, he'll take martyrdom damage which usually just involves him coughing up blood. He invokes blood magic through sigil writing with his fingers, which he cuts on a blade that is lodged into the top of his shotgun barrel. His status as a bee causes his cuts to heal quickly once he stops using the magic, and no scars are left behind.

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to a lingering curse, Jed is capable of taking the form of a crow-like monster. His natural aptness for magic that he inherited from his mother allows him to shift at will, but it is something he very rarely does. When in this form he can only use physical attacks with claws and his blood magic.

He is still suffers from forced shifting under the influence of malevolent magic. Taking corruption damage from blood magic is one such example and thus he avoids using the offensive capabilities of his secondary weapon as much as he can. 

When in Anima Form, he always takes his monster appearance.


Odie Milo Grey

[ field partner ] Jed never expected that Odie would stick around long enough for him to even have to remember their name, but they did. He was chilly towards his new field partner at first, but Odie's straightforward personality quickly won him over and has quietly begun to rebuild his confidence as a field agent. He appreciates Odie's reliability and individuality and how they are not the typical Templar holy war fan boy.


Cato Abere

[ ex-field partner ] Jed served as a mentor for Cato when Cato was a new agent and Jed was in his late twenties. Jed at the time was cocky and dismissive when it came to his responsibilities and missions both, which led to an unfortunate fight against the filth-infected that cost Cato his arm. The two have since had an extremely strained relationship, Cato holding a grudge and Jed doing his best to avoid him.


Richard Cross

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Arrian Aberle

[ dangerous ] Arrian, the father of Cato, holds an extremely hostile grudge against Jed thanks to Jed's involvement in the loss of Cato's left arm. Arri is well-known for being aggressive and unreasonable, so Jed doesn't try to make amends past the apologies he offered years ago. For Jed, having to deal with the Weapons Master usually means watching out for dangerous projectiles--physical and verbal both. As such, he tries to avoid Arrian at all costs.