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1 year, 3 months ago



Male . 45 moons


fiesty . confident . strict

 "The scariest moment is always just before you start...."


 Race: Domestic Cat
 Role: Leader
 MBTI: Logistician
 Orientation: Pansexual
 Sign: Scorpio
 Alignment: Lawful Good
 Flower: Rose
 Theme: xxx


  • turtles
  • his clan
  • being alone


  • many people
  • heights
  • depression


wish was born into the clans when he was young.Like skyclan in the books his home was taken away. he was always moving and he was only a kit. at on point some thought he was no more than a goner, a life wasted. once wish was an apprentice, his clan lightning clan, split up. when he tried to follow his mother she left him. she gave him his first scar. he was on his own for a while. he became known as wishbone, or just wish. he lived like this until around 19 moons. he meant a cat called tulipclaw. tulipclaw was his first mate and quickly last. he had one kit that died. tulipclaw was apart of lightningclan also and somehow throughout their journeys they ran into each other and tried to start a family that wish ended quickly. tulip made his heart ache when she would go out with other toms and one day he just left her. wish longed for someone like a mate, but not a mate, he could love and care for, like a sibling. wish then lived on his own until he was 23 moons. he found a group of cats who were playing with something and laughing. it was a small turtle. a small purple turtle. he got infront of the turtle and defended it. that's where he got his second scar. the cats left and he was torn up with the turtle by him. the turtle's shell was cracked. he took moss and cobwebs and tried to mend it. he was so weak. after that the turtle just left. was all that fighting, risking his life, for nothing? but when he closed his eyes and then opened them again at dawn he saw the turtle dragging a minnow to him from the corner. now the turtle looked warn out and tired. with an effort she nudged the minnow to him. he was about to cry. this turtle went down and caught a minnow for him with all her stregnth. he got up and split the minnow with his claw and passed some to the turtle. they both ate the small meal. he then went out and picked some flowers for the turtle while she rested. when he gave them to her she finally began to talk to him. it was amazing. he asked other cats if tehy could talk to turtles and they all looked at him like he was insane. he guessed he was the only one. later he became plump again and was living a wonderful life. later the group of cats came back and begged for mercy. he said he would turn them into a clan. but on one condition, they would not harm the turtle. they disagreeded so he said the only way to solve this was war. a black tom called nightmare and him fought. that's were he got his third scar. he won the battle with swiping one of nightmare's ears off. he was the leader and got to keep the turtle. he called his clan lightningclan, off of his old clan. he got his clan to fifty clans and he realized he got his wish. to love or care for something that was not a mate. he had a clan, and a turtle who felt like his sister.

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