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Erzsébet Mirtlass

Name Erzsébet Mirtlass, Crescent
Name Pronunciation EHR-zheh-beht Meert-lah-sh
SpeciesHuman; later Undead
Age35 post mortem 
Gender/orientationFemale; bisexual
Alignment:Lawful Evil
OccupationKnight captain, noblewoman
Residence Mirtlass Castle, Erdhelis / None
Height and weight:5 feet, 103 lbs/ 1.54 m, 47 kg
Design Notes
  • She has ocular albinism.
  • Most of time she wears funereal clothes.
  • She died at the age of 35, but never looked older than 17 - a good reason for gossip...
  • She has slender, wiry and athletic build.

Crescent was born in noble old family, experienced all the benefits of  her origins. She is cunning,  manipulative and a naturally curious  person. She can also be very cruel in certain ways. She is neither  rageful nor bloodthirsty, but if she has a reason to do something bad to  someone she will do with perverted ingenuity. She has a kind of  mysterious and sinister aura, especially because of her strange habits.  

She has deep, burned scars on her  face and upper torso from an ill-advised visit to a specific crypt and  consequent activation of a magic trap. This incident also affected her personality, enhancing her cruel side, and moreover, cast a curse upon her, which was supposed to slowly kill her.

She is not very  tall in fact, about 5 feet, with a wiry build. It is glaringly apparent  she is a young adult or even teen by her roundish youthful face. She  often wear a mysterious, enigmatic smile on her lips. Her skin is very  fair, hair is dark brown and wavy, brows are sparse and small and  her  big round eyes have strange pale-red color. As an Undead she is even  more pallid, have dark circles around her eyes, because Undead's blood  have an almost black color.

  • Her birth strangely coincided with the death of her uncle, which was considered a bad sign and laid the foundation for the dislike of superstitious people. And the number of these superstitions only grew over time.
  •  "Crescent" was the name she chose herself. The first thing she distinctly saw after the resurrection was the scarlet crescent moon outside the window. This same moon will mysteriously guide her on her way.
  • Erzsebet is only attracted to girls and feminine persons.
Deceiving appearance
Crescent may look really young and inexperienced. She uses  it like a  weapon against people who underestimate her. But when her  actual age  passed 30 her youthful look even was rumored to be a result  of some  black magic.
Martial arts
She fully justified her knight title with her skills. For her build, she is surprisingly strong, but her main 'weapon' is dexterity and cunning. She also loves exotic martial arts and arms.

Crescent was a knight captain in her best days. She became a captain  because of her rich relatives, who purchased her title believing it  would route her energy in the right direction. Crescent wasn't against  this, considering that it is the most favorable outcome for a noblewoman  of her status. Her peculiarities and oddities, however, at some point  crossed the line at the castle. Eventually castle inhabitants found her  collection of 'memorable things' she gathered after visiting crypts and  sepulchers; some artifacts were identified as belonging to deceased  noble women and everything looked like the spoils of marauding, though  in her own defense she just wanted to take souvenirs from her dead  girlfriends. In light of this “disturbing” discovery, Crescent was  stripped of her title and ordered banished soon after, though before  this could occur she became seriously ill, died in her bed, but not  completely as she was seemingly resurrected, though the original illness  was in fact the result of a curse that distorted her soul and caused  the entire chain of events.


The mysterious leader of the occult coven. She was the only one who could help Erzsebet to cope with the curse she received, and their relationship became not only business. However, they later parted..

Camillene Eliasthere

Many years after her death and resurrection, Erzsebet met this cleric, started a mortal battle with against their party and was defeated. But instead of hostility, Camillene showed sympathy for her...