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Basic Info


Angel of Abstinence


Gentle and timid, Iris is a human who got promoted to an angel after her death. Due to certain circumstances, she is currently the Angel of Abstinence on the Angel Council. Her demon counterpart is Lavie (Gluttony).

During her life as a human, her assigned guardian angel was Silas, who committed the great sin of falling in love with her. Her natural "Good" morality was further enhanced due to SIlas' unintentional influence on her, leading to her ascension as an angel after death. As part of Silas' punishment, God took Silas' wings and gave them to her. Iris is completely unaware that she plays a key part in the history of heaven.

Currently, Iris is one of the few human borne angels who holds a significant rank in heaven. She is secretly in love with Lavie, though unaware of how obvious her crush is to the angels around her. No one takes action against it because Iris is the first Angel who has successfully hindered Lavie in her work, and the first one that is somehow still alive (as Lavie has an infamous track record of killing all the previous Angels of Abstinence).