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Mika is a 19 year old human boy. He has medium black hair and brown eyes. He is rather short and skinny. He wears a purple robe with a hood (that has ears) over a white shirt. He has a long belt that makes it look like he has a tail. He wears leather boots.

His goal in life is to be able to bring his family back from the dead, however, he doesn't really know how to use magic.

He lives with his brother Tasha in the center of the village.

His job is to take the dead across the lake to the "Tower of Rest". In actuality, he brings the treasure contained in it back to his brother and makes studies on necromancy in one of the lower rooms of the tower.

Around the village he is known as Grim-Bob. Like his name suggests, when you first meet him, he doesn't have the most welcoming personality. He doesn't speak much to anyone besides his brother. He sees the Bobs as inferior creatures, and merely a way for him to reach his goal. He is very shy, and the Bobs extroverted nature make him uncomfortable. He really looks up to his brother, both because of his charisma and ability to remain calm and of his magic abilities. Most of the times he feels powerless, and blames himself for his family's death. Yet, he doesn't give up. He is very determined. Even if the situation gets very hard, he keeps going.

Once you get to know him better, you'll notice that he is quite caring and protective. Even if he feels he can't do much, he wouldn't hesitate to jump in front of danger to save a loved one. He can also be very encouraging, in his own way. He may come of as rude sometimes, but he cares about the people he loves.