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Sasha is a 20 year old human boy. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is rather short and has an average build. He has a tattoo on his right arm. He wears a purple jacket with a hood that has ears, black pants and leather boots. He can be seen with a pendant made out of leaves and a small round shell. He has a long belt that looks like a tail.

Sasha is the leader of the village. He lives with his brother Mika in the center of the village.

His goal is to get as rich as possible. To do that, he became the leader of the Bobs and had his brother bring the treasure that was hidden in their tower. He made up a God which inhabits the lake. It is actually a bunch of pebbles and blood that he controls with magic. To acquire said pebbles and blood, he made up a ritual to appease this God: Put a drop of blood on a small rock and throw it in the lake. Even he doesn't believe this actually worked. So, he told the Bobs, just for fun, that their species had originated from a peach. The Bobs, who look nothing like peaches, believed him. And so, he kept making up lies about the Bobs and the God of the Lake, originating some strange rituals. He made Bobs use leaves for currency, do a stupid dance on Fridays before going to sleep, Believe that the moon is a giant cat's eye, among many others. He likes to keep pushing the limits on how much bullshit he can pull before the Bobs realize it.

It doesn't help that he is charismatic as shit, and could make listening to him talk about toilet paper sound interesting.

He is pretty laid back and mischievous, to a dangerous extent. If it weren't for his brother knocking some sense into that head and getting him out of sticky situations, he would have been killed by God knows how many entities a long time ago (Gods don't exactly take kindly to being mocked like that). 

However, he isn't an idiot. He knows when to stop (most of the times) and can usually get his way out of trouble. He knows how to make a point and to make sure people understand it.

While he would say he is only in that village because of the treasure, he has become greatly attached to the Bobs. Even though he greatly enjoys having fun with how gullible they are, he tries to protect them from danger as much as he can. Most of his lies serve this purpose. In a dumb, random way. He truly enjoys being the leader of the village. 

He tends to forget a bit about Mika however. Their relationship isn't the best. Mika still tries to make it work, but when what he hears every time they talk is about how amazing those creatures he hates are, he can't help but drift away a bit. Sasha doesn't do this on purpose. He just really likes Bobs. And his brother is, well a human. Also, Sasha doesn't like how Mika insists on messing with the past. He believes his objective to bring back his family is dangerous and pointless. They have each other. That's all that they ever needed. Why would he need anyone else now? While to outsiders it may seem they are always talking, they are most of the time quietly arguing with each other.

He can use a few types of magic, however nothing too powerful. He tends to use his charisma instead.

When Science-Bob and Detective-Bob decide to start investigating his lies, and show the truth, he becomes very concerned. He doesn't stop them, but he is worried about how they will react to what they find. 

All in all, he just wants the Bobs, who have become to him like family, to be safe.