3 years, 7 months ago


Science-Bob is, well, a Bob. He is rather short for a Bob and slightly overweight. His eyebrows are particularly thick. His age is uncertain, as all other Bobs. He wears a lab coat and some glasses. The tip of his tail looks like some dripping liquid.

He lives in the back part of the village, however he spends most of the time in his secret lab.

Science-Bob is quite smart, being one of the only Bobs that knows how to read and write (without many mistakes). He has a bit of a wild personality. He likes to experiment with things. He creates all sorts of stuff for the village. Like perfume. And shinier rocks. The bobs don't really appreciate his genius. What truly fascinates him are potions. He makes all sorts of potions like explosive potions, curing potions, fire potions, etc. 

He is one of the few Bobs who doesn't mind water too much. His lab is located after a waterfall, so he has to deal with water everyday.

He has a Blob named Tom. He is Science-Bob's lab assistant. Science-Bob shares Tom with Detective-Bob, reluctantly so. They can't reach an agreement on who actually owns Tom. Tom doesn't care. He likes both of them equally.

Science-Bob wants to prove that Sasha is lying through his teeth and bring the leadership of the village back to Bobs. It isn't an easy task, seeing as other Bobs don't really believe him, as he is considered a bit of a crazy one. In the past he claimed to see monsters around the forest, but the older Bobs never found anything, so now they are wary to believe him. 

He also wants to protect the village from monsters. He has been doing so for a while. He uses some of his potions to ward off the evil spirits and monsters that lurk around the village. He seems to be the only one concerned about this, until Mika begins to take an interest in that too, for different reasons. They really hate each other.