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Adult - Female - Mouse - Bi Asexual - November 7th - Scientist



Quark is patient, and is willing to wait long hours to see the results of something. She also thinks with logic over emotions, which helps her solve interesting puzzles, and figure out how a solution is reached when she gets something wrong. Quark absolutely loves solving puzzles and problems, and can often be found solving some kind of problem in her free time. Be it Sudoku or helping someone in need. She's amazing at walking someone though things, and has been told she'd make a great teacher. She likes explaining her logic to others to try and help them on how to solve a puzzle as well.

Quark's overconfidence can cause her to come off as a know-it-all to others, especially when she boasts about how she was the first one to solve something. When she speaks, she's normally blunt and to the point, which can turn some others away from her. It's something she's trying to get better at.


Quark is a short mouse at 4'11ft and a slim body.


  • Cheese
  • Escape games
  • Gardening
  • Mandarin oranges
  • Juice


  • Rushing into things
  • Violence
  • Fizzy pop
  • Sugary foods
  • Being in water


S/O: N/A
Parents: Monty and Brie
Friends: Poppy
Enemies: N/A


  • She loves mandarin oranges almost as much as she loves cheese
  • She can solve all kinds of puzzles as long as they don't involve swimming
  • She has a fear of drowning
  • Enjoys people watching (Anthro watching?)


She can be drawn in a lab coat
I couldn't decide between a normal tail or a tufted tail, so feel free to choose whichever


Quark grew up with both of her parents, Monty and Brie, though she normally only saw one of them at a time unless it was a holiday. She learned a lot about what they did for work when she was young, even if she didn't understand it. Her dad, Monty, was a cognitive scientist, and her mom, Brie, was a doctor. She took great interest in both fields growing up, and loved telling others her age how amazing her parents were! She listened intently when her parents came home with stories, and would often retell the most interesting ones to her friends. While she was normally only able to see one parent at a time due to work, she became close to both of her parents. Quark liked trying to make them neat little things for birthdays and holidays.

As she grew older, Quark talked her parents into letting her go with them to work. She watched her mom talk with and treat patients, save lives, and even got to learn about some of the medical equipment she uses. While she found all of it interesting, Quark discovered she loved her dad's job even more, and decided she wanted to be a scientist when she was old enough. Quark began wondering how the mind works, and quickly got into watching others as they went on about their day. She'd often bring a puzzle book to the local park or coffee shop and see how everyone interacts with each other as she worked on her puzzles. Once she was old enough, Quark began working with Monty at Queso Labs. The two work well together, and love to update Brie on anything interesting that they find. She likes to still go to the hospital and watch her mom work when it's not busy.

While hanging out with her friend, Poppy, Quark noticed that the laptop she loved taking notes with went missing. After multiple questions, she found out that Poppy stole it, and after a lot of convincing, she found out why Poppy steals things. She decided to help her friend out by buying things for Poppy. She didn't know that Poppy felt the way she did, so Quark did her best to curb the stealing where she could. While she may be interested in learning more about why Poppy decided to go the thieving route, she's mostly glad it stopped Poppy from stealing from her again.

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