STATUS    Forever Homed
 NAME   Atzinrahd Laesreyn
 PRONOUNS   He/Him/Himself
 NICKNAMES   Rad, Radical, Atzi
 AGE   Mid 20's
 RACE / SPECIES   Eteyali
 GENDER   Cis Male 
 OCCUPATION   Merchant

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Flowers (especially forget-me-nots)
Bright lights


His memory
His temper
Bright lights
Burning things accidentally
Being cold
Being alone


Birthday is January 24th, 1993
His blood is incendiary
His normal core body temperature is 120° F / 49° C
He can be entranced with bright lights


A considerable mixed bag, Rad can be either extremely docile, sweet, and awkward; or he can be irritable, grouchy, and hot-tempered depending on the person or situation. The former tends to be how he reacts towards people he cares about, and the latter towards strangers who disrespect him or his friends. He has better control of his temper now, and he (typically) does not harm anyone when frustrated, he is just a very small minority in the country he currently lives in. And the citizens of that country are prejudiced against not only people with pointed ears ("sharp" is an insult there), but people with magical abilities of any sort, and Rad's abilities are destructive.


Both his hair and skin are spotted
 The skin on his palms, soles of feet,  throat, and stomach have less pigment
His sclera (the typically white part of eyes) are pale blue rather than white
His hair naturally tends to curl and doesn't like to sit flat
The world he lives in has a medieval fantasy flair



Eteyali are a race of demons from the country of Eteyal, in the world of Tandamet. They are considered to be fire elementals, but are usually not called mages since their magic is limited and they cannot expand the types of magic they cast outside of honing their species-specific magic. Some of them cannot produce fire at all, but those that can't produce it usually are very skilled at absorbing it. And those that excel at producing great amounts of fire have trouble with absorbing it. Rad falls into the latter category


Rad was part of a group of Eteyali that was transported from their home country of Eteyal and shipped by sea to the country of Audeamus. Those that brought them over meant well; they were trying to save the Eteyali race from the dragons that preyed on them in Eteyal. However, they quickly realized that Eteyali have a difficult time acclimating to the colder winters of Audeamus. They started a difficult treck across the large country to a biome that has less extreme winters. Many of them did not make the journey, and most of Rad's group did not make it out of the coastal area they started out in. Rad was left behind in the commotion, and he was adopted by a human woman he calls amá. Rad sought adventure while his amá wished to remain in her hometown to enjoy a peaceful retirement. Rad works as a travelling merchant, hoping to see all that the mysterious country of Audeamus has to offer, and returns to his amá with stories and gifts every so often. (Death/paradox mention below)

His life changed for good when he came across a chaotic fissure, where the fabric of time started to bunch up on itself and he became stuck in a repetitive loop of dying over and over. The God of the Past and Future corrected the paradox, which in turn saved Rad from that awful eternal loop. While Rad does not remember ever experiencing it, he's been told what had happened and finds it well beyond disturbing.

The change to the timeline, as well as the high level of chaos that radiated from the event, created the being known as Dharnizta. Due to being the direct cause of his existence, The God of the Past and Future is considered to be Dar's creater. The most significant part of Dharnizta's existence is that he looks uncannily close to Rad... except his element is ice, and he is blue. Dharnizta named himself by reversing Rad's name.


 romantic partner 

 Rad loves Uni dearly; the eccentric god was his first real friend and he is incredibly close to her. 


 Elcy is Uni's twin sister and they intimidate Rad a lot.
But they have their own world so that's pretty cool.


 While not truly his cousin, Dar is considered such. Their temperature needs are quite the opposite. 


 Then is significant, but terrifying. Then saved Rad from a paradox loop, which created Dar.