exotic foods



7 months, 3 days ago


****carrots are illegal in this au****

Basic story;; he (exotic foods) falls into a deeper addiction in carrots, which are illegal due to having similar effects such as illegal drugs. 

As more bad events happen in his life, the only thing keeping him somewhat happy (?) is eating carrots. and years go by carrots became more scarce (obviously due to them being illegal and the businesses being stopped by police, etc) exotic foods goes on long searches to find more carrots, not being able to go on with life without them at this point, and resulting in violent behaviors to get carrots

the "bad events" are such as his business failing, not enough money, death of loved ones, bad breakups.

this is just an AU so just random drawings of him eating a carrot can be seen as him just eating a carrot

(also, this is just a quick concept and probably will change around,, meanwhile he's just a humble rabbit boy in his ""normal"" world)