Grimsley the Murder Duskky



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35 ✦ Male ✦ Insensitive



Grimsley is a mysterious male. He spends most of his time in solitude, he doesnt care to befriend much people. The friends he does have probably are bad just like him, but he has very few. His friends call him by the name Grim. Mr. Crow is the name he is given from people he works for. Grimsley is the name given from others who know him but dont personally know who he is. and, the shape-shifting monster with many eyes is the name given from strangers who dont know him at all. He is a big Serial Killer! He murders with no remorse at all! He never gets caught for it cause he keeps himself Isolated and his Crows eats the body up, Including the bones. He is a master at lying and can even kill the most intelligent person in the world. He murders for money. Its like his job and passion. The most intelligent detective can never figure out his murders due to being that good. He always has a weary look on him, even when smiling.


Grimsley is an average, somewhat slim, Duskky. His eyes are a very faint blue/grey color that appears to have a yellow crescent moon shaped pupil inside. He has a black sclera and has Grey with a hint of dark blue fur, Light grey nose, White hair, and yellow paw pads. He has a small tuft of facial hair on his chin. When having his mouth open, he reveals slight yellow teeth and one Gold fang on the right side. He has a lot of fur around his neck containing some loose feathers in his fur and at the end of his tail. His body seems to be covered in stitches and some stitches have designs of crescent moons inside of them like a patched toy. He has some spots around his eyes almost like little freckles and wheres some accessories which is a gold earing on his right ear and a gold loose necklace around his neck. He is always seen with a flock of Crows perching on his neck/back (some on his tail occasionally and one always on his head) and flying around him. He always seems to have a weary look on his face, even when smiling.


"Not THAT kind of murder, obviously..."

  • Killing
  • Crows
  • Gold & Money
  • Foggy & Rainy nights
  • Black Coffee & Solitude
  • Cops & Detectives
  • Day time
  • Tea
  • Society
  • Wasting precious time

Fun Fact #1

His D&D alignment is Chaotic Evil! Probably not a surprise to you but its still fun to know!

Fun Fact #2

His Sexual Orientation is Heterosexual and may have a secret girlfriend who he doesn't make public! He keeps his love life very private.

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