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The Story of Púki and Lúmi.

-=Part 1: Intro=-



The beginning of Earth in Kruziverse

All that visibly existed were islands of moss with small plants, rocks from a forgotten time and the ocean. You can't hear anything except for the waves and the wind, it smells like spring. When the sun sat yet again and the stars appear, something feels different from all the other nights. Some of the stars look brighter, and it seems that they are coming closer and closer. Before you know it, strange bright beings start crashing on earth. It looks like colorful fireworks, except more natural and smooth and so much brighter. As they fall a big white sparkling orb descends from above, and sinks into the earth. Few seconds later a beautiful gate grows from the ground. 

A new era on earth has begun. 


The splitting into Demons, Angels and Hidden People

The bright beings have lived on Earth for quite a while, it seems they're the only ones here now. They don't do much, they just float around. They don't need anything, not food, not water, it did become boring for them. Some of these beings, with their non existent brains, started thinking outside the box, and started 'eating' each other. By doing this they became more sentient, more powerful and got more of a character, they became individuals. The ones who did not eat or get eaten found that hiding in rocks made them safe from stronger beings. Those who hid became the Hidden People.

Now instead of bright beings there were a wide range of variety in creatures all coming from the same source. Some were small, some big, some had ten heads some had no head, from red to blue, the possibilities are endless! There were certain individuals that managed to grow greatly in power, two of them being quite remarkable. That being Azel and The Mighty Eye. The Mighty Eye was quite unhappy seeing everybody being so different, found it quite annoying actually, so he decided to make his OWN beings. He did this by taking some souls that didn't get away, dark matter he acquired from space and then would follow this recipe. With this he made the Angels! The Mighty Eye disliked everyone who wasn't made by him, so he left and built a base behind the moon for him and his angels and called it Sequoia. Everybody who staid on earth called themselves Demons. Later on Azel creates hell from leftover demon particles with in the gates void..... wait what? 


The Gate

Bad at explaining shit but uh um so  Lúmi, an angel/alien, was kicked out of heaven for being a bastard, and  crashed on a place that looked like earth. Upon falling they noticed  all these weird creatures that looked like weird tiny humans, worms and  just weird colorful shapes. These creatures don't really have a physical  form but their spiritual forms were strong enough so you could see  them. Púki was one of those weird creatures, but more advanced! being  made out of a bunch of those weird guys and was like more of an  individual! and they took a lot of pride in that. ( there were a bunch  of other creatures like that but it was very rare ) Púki saw Lúmi fall,  and thinks its a shooting star!! Because back then Lúmi was so  luminescent ( eh? eh? im so good with giving ocs names i know ). Púki  runs up to the place Lúmi fell and was like '' EAUGH it has arms! do all  stars have oh so many arms?'' and Lúmi being and absolute baby back  then was like '' ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) what! noo!! I'm and angel but oo sob sob they  kicked me out of heaven for some reason i have no idea whyyy o(;△;)o''

Púki  was like '' ah! an angel! so you're one of those fancy beings eh? made  out of scadrillion of those little guys right?'' Lúmi didn't know  jackshit and got grossed out by the thought of being made out of little  worms and stuff. Púki explains to them how angels are made (( Just like,  a lot of those weird little guys fused together )). Lúmi wants to know  how they do actually fuse so Púki tells them about The Gate. The gate is  a mysterious gate that stands on a hill by the ocean. It seems it  doesn't lead anywhere but once you pass it you go to a place where rules  of reality don't work. Without any magical protection beings that are  in there at the same time get all jumbled up and become one. If you want  to exit you'll have to walk out backwards to undo all the chaos, but  continue walking if you want to keep being mixed up with someone else.  Lúmi doesn't remember any of those times they fused with one of those  little guys, but that was just because those little guys literally had  no brain and didn't have any identity to hold on to. Lúmi asks Púki to  take them there and they were like 'aight i guess but let me ride on  your shoulders because i like feeling tall'

So it takes a while  to walk all the way to that gate and they managed to become friendly  with one another on the way there. They finally arrived and Lúmi was all  like WOOAH ے( Ö )ص!!!! They saw two little weirdos cross the gate and  changing into something weirder and a little bigger. Lúmi went ham and  asks Púki if they could pass through with them. Púki is all like hmmm  idk You would be the one in control because you're the greater being  here, it is a huge possibility i would forget myself and I don't want  that! i like me! But Lúmi is all like PLEASE I promise ill walk back the  moment I know how it feels like alright alright? 100% promise ok!  please! I'm begging! Púki decides to put some trust in them and Lúmi  runs super excited to the gate with Púki still on their shoulders and  then WOOSH they become this creature, The Unknown.

The moment  Lúmi realizes this being they've become has many new powers to offer,  they decide not to walk backwards out of the gate, and they stay in this  from for a long, long time. Long enough to see humans and other  creatures evolve and make societies and stuff. The Unknown has taken the  duty of protecting the gate, to make sure no silly organic creatures  decide to walk past it and maybe discover greater power. SO! one day! A  wizard of the name Calendula comes up to the gate. Lúmi has taken this  fake serious and scary personality to scare off people, but Calendula  doesn't seem to mind it and asks them politely if they may pass through  the gate. Lúmi is all like grr no i am protector u r not allowed, leaf  or ill curse u >:(( Calendula isn't having any of that and is like  SIGH 😔 and goes bibidi babidi boo with their staff and casts a very  powerful spell, powerful enough to split Lúmi and Púki apart. After all  these years Púki still managed to remember themselves and they were like  HM revenge time so they steal their light and a bunch of other stuff  from them. Lúmi is now like a ghost of some sort that lost their light and just uhhh super bitter and sour and just grr u know hehe oh the end! kachoW