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  • You can make gift art of my babies if you want, no need to ask me permission for this. Art gifts are always welcome.
  • I'm always willing to offer art for designs with these things, so if you would like to make a trade, you can let me know. (Regardless if my commissions are open or not, if it's an ''art for designs'' trade, you can count on me!)

Please DO NOT! 

  • Don't copy, reference, repost, redistribute, trace or use any of my characters, design or art, without my explicit written permission!
  • Don't modify my artworks.
  • DON'T claim my artworks/characters/designs as yours.

Anyone who does the opposite will be put on my blacklist and blocked from all my networks. I have zero tolerance with mean and disrespectful people, so you better behave.

I will not forgive anyone who dares to ignore this and proceed to do as they pleases with my property.
You're warned!

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