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An angel who recently came to Earth to help a priest with the evil that has begun plaguing the city. Super friendly and optimistic with a love of plantlife. Tends to the flowers in the church. Still learning about the human world and how humans interact.

Note: Aloy uses both they/them and zie/zir pronouns equally, so I switch them up in their descriptions.


Aloysius is - as one would expect from an angel - kind, empathetic, patient, and loving. The mortal realm is endlessly fascinating to them, and Aloy is determined to learn as much as possible as they can and experience all the wonders it has to offer.

That said, zie is relatively naive to a lot of things - particulary when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Zie tends to be very forward and direct, and the subtler nuances of human interaction, like flirting, escapes zem. Apologies are readily given if Aloy feels they've overstepped somehow or made somebody uncomfortable. The worst thing zir can do, in zir mind, is deliberately hurt somebody and ignore their pain.

All in all, a gentle and loving soul. However...

Just like every other angel, Aloysius's true form is a mass of wings, eyes, and geometries that make no sense to the mortal eye. It's a form taken during extreme stress, fear, or anger; being in this true form also exponentially increases zir power. If somebody zey love has been threatened or hurt, Aloy will not hesitate to smite the perpertrator completely off the face of the earth. No ghost, no afterlife, just absolute non-existence.

It's not something Aloysius is proud of doing, especially after the fact. But thankfully, it takes them a lot to reach that point.

Design Notes

Tall, with dark skin and reddish brown hair. Zey typically wear zir hair in twists, but often experiments with different styles and lengths. Every choice is natural hair.

Aloy has a front tooth gap, freckles, and a few moles over their body. Wide nose, thick eyebrows, and light blue eyes. Zie is fat and has stretch marks on their lower stomach; please don't change this! Wings are optional when drawing.

Aloysius wears gold and black clergy robes when in the church. Outside of that, zie wears all manner of outfits, so don't be afraid to put zem in whatever style you want! Zey firmly believe experimenting with fashion is something that will help them understand humans (and also, it's just plain fun.)

If you're feeling brave and want to attempt their true form, honestly just go nuts. Just make it terrifying!

  • Plants
  • Zoos and aquariums
  • Museums! Especially history museums!! They wanna learn all the things!!!
  • Chatting with people from all walks of life
  • Romantic movies and books... There may be an ulterior motive here
  • Visiting gardens, parks, and being outside in the sunlight
  • Sarcasm, largely because zie doesn't tend to understand it
  • Seeing any living thing suffer
  • Cold weather, although they'll deal with it for the snow
  • Harsh music
  • Frozen dinners, etc
  • When zir boyfriend refuses to relax or sleep!!

"It's okay to take a rest. You don't have to do everything by yourself anymore."

Aloysius (AL-o-wish-is), AKA Aloy (alloy)
Nonbinary (zie/zir or they/them)
literally Heaven
Physically 30, in reality much older
Technically Christian I guess, but they don't put a name to it
Guardian angel / Reverend
Father Anselm


Aloysius's backstory is relatively simple. Zie spent zir life in Heaven, doing whatever it is angels do up there while waiting to be tasked with guarding a human. Once word came of a particular priest in need of divine help, Aloy came to Earth... for the first time.

Since making themself known to Father Anselm, Aloy has spent much of their time on Earth helping him in the church - and with the worrying undead problem New York seems to have recently picked up. Aloysius, while technically not tasked with the protection of the state, vows to do zir best in keeping its citizens safe.

And in their downtime, learn how human relationships work.

  • Birthday: Unknown. They consider the date they arrived on Earth, November 7, their birthday.
  • I made this OC literally to give a partner to my friend's tired priest OC, so he could GET SOME SLEEP
  • Aloy has healing powers, and while it isn't strong enough to heal somebody on the brink of death, it can help stabilize them until they get proper help... or relay their last wishes. Zie spends a fair amount of time healing non-fatal wounds.
  • Absolutely the type of person to go out of their way to pick up trash on the street for hours if left to it.
  • Zir wings are very soft and warm and zie absolutely lets people touch them.
  • Has a natural aura that relaxes people, which is great for helping their chronically-exhausted boyfriend with insomnia *actually SLEEP*

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