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  • I have lots and lots of object heads. If these make you uncomfortable, you probably shouldn't click through to my characters!
  • I also have bug and reptile characters, although none are photorealistic.
  • Some characters might be considered eye horror or body horror, but there is no eye gore. One character (Zry, in Qol > Emmerven Family) has past eye trauma (scars). I can't figure out how to tag avatars, so please tread carefully!
  • Any actual gore is restricted to tagged pictures that are not used as avatars, though. I think only Octavia has mild gore in one picture (skeletons).
Rules (you can skip this if you don't plan to draw my characters):
  • Gift art is welcome! 
  • HOWEVER, no gore of any of my characters, please. Not ever. 
  • Please ask me before drawing NSFW art of any characters, as I don't have their ages listed in their bios yet. (Also because some characters are ace.)
  • You can simplify designs, change their clothes, make ferals into anthros and vice versa, etc etc etc. Whatever suits you.
    • Exceptions:
      • You can make my characters' skin darker, but not lighter.
      • You can make my characters chubbier, but not skinnier.
      • etc etc etc
    • Don't stress too much about this; I'm only going to be grumpy if it's an obvious change.
  • If you've read my books, you can completely disregard characters' canonical designs and draw them however you pictured them while reading the books. Also, I will literally cry over even a scribble inspired by my source material. Invariably. 
    • One caveat: If you've read my books, I'll happily look at fanart, but I can't legally look at fanfic and so forth. As much as I want to. :(
  • If you have any questions, please ask! I don't bite.
Thanks for reading! 

Moya / Morgan

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