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she/her | South Korean/Thai | Kumiho


A kumiho is a type of nine-tailed fox that originates from Korean mythology. They are said to just be really old 1000-year-old foxes who have essentially grown into a demon. The older and wiser a fox gets the more tails they will grow. Kumiho's are known to transform into beautiful women to seduce people and steal their chi. It's said that if a human were to see a kumiho in their fox form then they will disappear or become engulfed in flames. The best way to catch a kumiho is to get one drunk in which they will lose control and revert back to their fox form.

On that note, Ploy is an alcoholic prostitute that has fire-based abilities. She may act sly but she can lose her temper easily and isn't the brightest of the bunch. Ploy is mischievous, impulsive, and irresponsible but is the leader of her ragtag group The Eastern Clan. The Eastern Clan is a group of 4 eastern mythological creatures dedicated to claiming territory and eating humans, specifically from the group The Western Brigade. Ploy used to have 5 tails but Chang, a Chinese dragon from The Guardians, tore off one of her tails after she ate his wife (for the 3rd time). Her goal in life is to get her revenge on Chang, eat humans, and have sex (only out of necessity).


  • Daichi (Tsuchigumo) - The first monster Ploy invited to her crew of baddies. They are somewhat like childhood friends as they are both around the same age and knew each other while growing up. Ploy likes to tease him and make fun of him because he gets flustered easily. She enjoys his presence and considers him a good friend.
  • Nousha (Manticore) - The second monster Ploy invited to her crew of baddies. Ploy likes how gullible Nousha is and will often manipulate her world view to get what she wants. She likes Nousha but wishes she wasn't as laidback as she is.
  • Mohammed (Tikbalang) - The last monster to join Ploy's crew of baddies. She feels pretty creeped out by just how sadistic and strange he is compared to every other monster she met. Plot let him stay on the team nonetheless because every other monster was just to weird for her.
  • Sia (Kraken) - Ploy hates Sia. Sia humiliated and embarrassed her so she has labeled Sia as her rival. Sia is also the reason why The Eastern Clan was formed in the first place. They do have moments where they fight together to take down The Guardians as they both hate Chang and his group of human-lovers.
  • Carlos (El Cadejo) - Carlos and Ploy would probably get along if Carlos wasn't part of the Western Brigade. Ploy hasn't had many interactions with him except in their fights. She thinks he's a strong and worthy opponent.
  • Chang (Chinese Dragon) - Ploy hates Chang and everything he stands for. She hates the fact that he keeps trying to impose his morals onto her so she killed and ate his wives. As a result, Chang ripped off one of her tails that she worked so hard for. Since then she has seen him as her archnemesis. Ploy will try to act confident and sly around him but internally she's very afraid of him because Chang is significantly stronger than her in every aspect.
  • Leiko (Kitsune) - Ploy's older sister. Ploy really dislikes Leiko and will often bully to the point of tears. Ploy sees Leiko as an idiot and disagrees with her morals and ideologies. They meet up sometimes if Ploy needs information from her. She'll act like she wants Leiko to die but secretly still cares for her.
  • Liling (Huli Jing) - Ploy's oldest sister. Ploy loves Liling and sees her as role-model. Liling gives her guidance and advice in life. Liling is the only monster she knows who's as strong as Chang and will sometimes run to her if she's in danger. Liling and Ploy both look down on Leiko for wanting to become a human.


  • She has only 4 tails
  • She has red eyes and red markings under her eyes
  • She has sharp teeth
  • Often looks like she's about to commit a heinous act