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FuLL Name Xeno Theranim
Hometown Violet City, Johto
Occupation Pokémon Trainer
Age | Birthday21 | December 10th
Pokémon Count 78
Starter Pokémon Rhys (Cyndaquil)
Badge Count 29
Type Specialization none

Xeno grew up in Violet Town (Johto) living with his parents until he decided to start his journey as a Pokémon Trainer at the age of 14. By now, he finished travelling through the Hoenn, Johto and Unova region and caught a fair amount of Pokémon to build up his first teams. To test his skills, he regularly challenged Gym Leaders, however he never participated in Pokémon League Championships. Instead, Xeno took part in the first Ohana Islands Battle Frontier Tournaments to see how he fared against excellent trainers from all regions - with mediocre success. Realizing that he still had a long way to go as a trainer, he resumed his journey and accompanied his friend Ashe on her travels through the Kalos region.

Current Team

  • Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_157.pngRhys | Thyplosion ♂️ | Lvl 94
  • Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_478.png Kokoro | Froslass ♀️ | Lvl 92
  • Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_549.png Sayuki | Lilligant ♀️ | Lvl 90

  • Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_018_3DS.pngTini | Pidgeot ♀️ | Lvl 83
  •   Pok%C3%A9mon-Icon_745.png Fenrir | Lycanroc ♂️ | Lvl 79

General Info


Xeno is an easy-going and cheerful guy who enjoys being around people, talking about everything that comes to his mind and making a few jokes here and there. Due to his curious nature he chose to become a Pokémon Trainer to travel the world and meet all kinds of people and Pokémon. Unfortunately, his sense of direction is terrible - and if he does not carry a map with himself, he tends to get lost easily.
Xeno lives by the motto "what does not kill me makes me stronger" and he enjoys taking on difficult challenges, no matter the outcome. Past encounters with strong trainers have shown him that his skills as a trainer still leave room for improvement, but instead of getting frustrated by a lost match he sees it as an opportunity to reflect on his own skills. In the beginning Xeno had a tendency to push his Pokémon too far in battle due to his inexperience as a trainer, which he instantly felt regret for after the match concluded and apologized for to his team. However, as he improved as a trainer he was able to get a better feeling for his Pokémon's limits.


Xeno is 1.72m (~5'7") tall and rather slim. His purple hair fades into a more blueish shade at the tips and he possesses bright green eyes. Clothing-wise Xeno prefers to wear comfortable clothing and usually sports long, grey trousers, a black, long-sleeved hoodie with lime-green accents and a white scarf with a lime-green Pokéball print. If travelling during warmer temperatures, he changes into shorts and a shirt; for colder temperatures he is also carrying a winter jacket with inner fleece lining and a beanie hat with him in his bag.

General Backstory (Before starting his Journey as a Pokémon Trainer)

Xeno was born and grew up in Violet City (Johto) living with his parents until he started his journey as a Pokémon Trainer at the age of 14. Before doing so, he visited the local Trainer School to learn the basics about what it meant to be trainer.
Like many other children he dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master at a young age - thus, when he found a wounded Cyndaquil in his parents' front yard he considered this to be a fated encounter. After convincing his parents that he would take good care of the Cyndaquil he was allowed to keep it and named it Rhys.

Travel Journal

Hoenn Journey

Although Xeno grew up in Johto, he decided to start his journey as a Pokémon Trainer in Hoenn as he wished to visit a region he has not been to before. He arrived in Petalburg City by boat and started his journey throughout the region from here. Right at the start he caught both Aru (Swellow) and Cloud (Poochyena), who became part of his first Pokémon team. It took Xeno about a year to finish travelling through all of Hoenn - during this time he managed to obtain all badges from the eight arenas of the region and catch a few more Pokémon.  

Johto Journey

After finishing his journey through the Hoenn region, Xeno returned to Johto to both visit his family and travel through the region to collect more badges. He met Ashe at the Bug Catching Tournament at the National Park where he traded the Scyther he caught during the competition for her Petilil (Sayuki). For a short time the two of them travelled together, however as Ashe wished to explore the routes more throughly to catch almost every Pokémon missing in her collection the two of them split up again after a while. Like in Hoenn, Xeno managed to obtain all badges in the Johto region and added a few more Pokémon to his collection. Among those was Celeste (Dragonair), which he caught while fishing near the Dragon's Den in Blackthorn City.

Ohana Islands - Battle Frontier (I)

Originally, Xeno planned on going to Sinnoh after having completed his travel throughout the Johto Region, however as his funds were depleted he opted to travel to Sinnoh over sea on the back of one of his Pokémon instead of buying a boat ticket. Due to his bad sense for direction (and his Pokémon being even worse at navigating the sea), they did not reach their original destination and instead ended up in a harbour where Xeno learned about the tournament held at the Ohana Islands. He signed up for the tournament and managed to reach the forth round before dropping out of the tournament. Although no longer taking part in the tournament actively, Xeno remained at the Ohana Islands a little longer to watch the finals of the tournament unfold. During this time, the islands were struck by several incidents that left them almost completely destroyed. Unable to be of much help during the initial reconstruction work, Xeno left the islands and headed for Unova.

Unova Journey

In Unova, Xeno reflected on his rather early defeat during the Ohana Islands tournament and first only travelled the region to add new members to his team and improve his skills by training up. By doing so, he added Cameron (Rufflet) and Jazz (Mawile) to his team. While training at the Challenger's Cave, Xeno bumped into Ashe again, who offered to accompany him on his journey through the Unova region as a guide. Like before, Xeno travelled through all of Unova and managed to collect all Gym Badges before settling on a new travelling destination.

Ohana Islands - Battle Frontier (II)

Shortly before finishing his travels through Unova, Xeno learned about the Frontier Initiative actions to rebuild the Ohana Islands and reinvigorate interest in the islands by hosting another tournament. Though he did sign up for the tournament again, he never actively took part in the tournament due to not arriving in time for the first round. When he arrived at the islands alongside Ashe, the two of them stayed a little to watch others compete in the tournament and do their part in helping to rebuild the islands.

Kalos Journey

Xeno and Ashe both settle on travelling to the Kalos region after the second season of the Ohana Islands Tournament concluded. Like before, it is Xeno's goal to best all the gyms of the region to test his skills and eventually add a few new members to his team. On their boat transfer to Cyllage City, Xeno is able to trade for a Rockruff (Fenrir) with a trainer from the Alola Region, which becomes his most recent team member.

Pokémon Overview


Rhys [ Thyplosion | ♂ | LVL94 | Ability: Blaze | Nature: Mild ]

Rhys has been Xeno's first Pokémon and has been by his side even before Xeno started his journey as a Pokémon Trainer. When Rhys was still a Cyndaquil, he ended up wounded in the front yard of Xeno's house in Violet City where Xeno found him. Xeno was allowed to keep Rhys and the two became close friends. Rhys is a glutton and usually prefers Xeno's food over his Pokémon food. Luckily for him, Xeno is well-aware of Rhys' preferences and always prepares a share for Rhys. Due to the many years Rhys and Xeno have spent together travelling, the two trust each other fully.    


Kokoro  [ Froslass | ♀️ | LVL92 | Ability: Snow Cloak | Nature: Naughty ]

Kokoro hatched from an egg which his parents gave Xeno at the time he started his Pokémon Trainer journey, making her his second Pokémon. She loves any kind of cookies, with Lava Cookies from Hoenn being their absolute favourite. Thus, Xeno usually carries a box of Lava Cookies with him. Kokoro enjoys playing harmless tricks on others to lighten up mood as she feels most comfortable if those around her have a smile on their faces. Her most frequent victim however is Sayuki - despite this, the two actually get along pretty well. 


Sayuki  [ Lilligant | ♀️ | LVL90 | Ability: Own Tempo | Nature: Jolly ]

Xeno obtained Sayuki as a Petilil via trade from Ashe during his journey through Johto. At the time, Xeno had never seen a Petilil before and to celebrate their partnership, he gifted Sayuki the Sun Stone he won at the Bug Catching Tournament in Johto - unaware of having it cause Petilil to evolve. Similar to Kokoro, Sayuki enjoys sweets and easily gets motivated to do her best in order to net herself a piece of candy or a cookie as a reward. Other than that, Sayuki tends to be a little clingy and always keeps close to her team mates and Xeno at all times.


Tini  [ Pidgeot | ♀️ | LVL83 | Ability: Keen Eye | Nature: Bold ]

When Tini was still a Pidgey, she used to simply accompany Xeno instead of taking part in battle. Most of the time, she sat on Xeno's shoulder, enjoying to be carried around. After Aru got hurt during the first Ohana Island Tournament, Tini took his place in Xeno's team and quickly evolved into Pidgeot. She is very eager to prove herself in battle, thus often overexerting herself. Furthermore, at times Tini forgets that she no longer has the size or weight of a Pidgey and attempts to land on Xeno's shoulder, causing him to fall over and collapse if Xeno does not stop her in time.


Fenrir  [ Lycanroc | ♂️ | LVL79 | Ability: Sand Rush | Nature: Adamant ]

The most recent addition to Xeno's team members, Fenrir is still settling in and not getting along too well with Xeno's other team members. Especially Kokoro's pranks and Sayuki's clingy behaviour tend to irritate Lycanroc, but he is slowly catching on that neither of them means ill with their behaviour. Fenrir enjoys to accompanry Xeno outside of his Pokéball, and often manages to save his trainer from getting lost due to having a much better sense of direction. 

Former Team Members


Aru  [ Swellow | ♂️ | LVL78 | Ability: Guts | Nature: Serious ]

Out of all the Pokémon Xeno has trained, Aru happens to be the most serious one in terms of personality. He does not understand Kokoro's sense of humor and is sometimes annoyed by his team mates and trainer alike. However, Aru is most reliable in battle and hates to lose to another Bird Pokémon. During to the incidents of the final round of the first Ohana Island Tournament, Aru was severly wounded and is currently staying behind at Xeno's home in Violet City to fully recover.


Cameron  [ Braviary | ♂️ | LVL65 | Ability: Sheer Force | Nature: Relaxed ]

Cameron - or "Cam" for short - was caught during Xeno's journey throughout Unova. Like Tini, Cameron initially had troubles to recall that his size and weight increased after having evolved - often toppling over his trainer during his attempts to land on Xeno's shoulders.


Jazz  [ Mawile | ♂️ | LVL68 | Ability: Hyper Cutter | Nature: Lonely ]

Jazz is a loner and prefers to fight alone in battle instead of being paired up with another Pokémon, however in every double battle he seemed to act protective towards his team members. Other than that Jazz has a calm and serious nature. He is rarely seen goofing around with Kokoro and gets along well with Aru, who he seems to share a common understanding with.


Cloud  [ Mightyena | ♂️ | LVL77 | Ability: Intimidate | Nature: Lonely ]

Cloud is the first Pokémon Xeno caught during his journey as a Pokémon Trainer in the Hoenn region. Similar to Jazz he is loner and prefers to fight in single battles. During double battles, Cloud tends to ignore orders from Xeno and acts on his own, trying to prove to be stronger than his team mate in order to impress his trainer. Cloud becomes much less competitive outside of battle where he shows a rather playful behaviour every time Xeno decides to play fetch with him.


Celeste  [ Dragonair | ♀️ | LVL72 | Ability: Shed Skin | Nature: Naive  ]

Celeste is a naive and very absent minded Pokémon outside of battle and often daydreams while drifting in the water. Occassionally she crashes into swimming obstacles despite being warned ahead of time by her trainer, which made Xeno wish to have saved up enough money to affort a boat transfer instead on several occassions. However, Xeno cannot bring himself to be mad at Celeste for a long time. Celeste easily gets upset when being scolded and usually she reacts to it by coiling up. 

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