Kuragi Collins



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  • Name Kuragi Collins
  • Age 23
  • Gender Female
  • Introvert Extrovert
  • Intuitive Observant
  • Thinking Feeling
  • Judging Prospecting
"Um...we weren't supposed to kill him...oops."


Kuragi can be quite sporadic in personality, as her moods change depending on the situation around. At baseline she is aloof towards strangers, downright cruel towards her targets, yet a complete ball of mischievous and cheery fun among her newfound friends. She has little shame for the most part and will go through great lengths to pull off a good prank; bonus points if she gets away with it later. She is highly protective of her company and will hunt down anyone or anything that tries to harm them.


Kuragi is a human holding an ability; hers is haemokinesis. When her ability is active, her eye colour changes from rust to lime green. For now, she can control the blood flow of other people within a range of 5 meters, and with a single touch she can shred the blood vessels around an area, causing massive internal damage and blood seeping through the pores. She struggles to create haemokinetic contstructs, as she is still training to better her power for combat. This however gets easier to use when her powers are awakened by emotion, namely anger.

  • Ethnicity Japanese/American
  • Height 169 cm
  • Residence Earth
  • Job Mercenary
  • Sexuality Demisexual
  • ● Kuragi doesn't like other people's children, and will be awkward around them
  • ● She has only failed a job 3 times in her life, of which only 1 was truly her fault
  • ● She takes her mother's name, Collins, to avoid old colleagues of her father's from recognising the name Kazetani
  • ● The scar on her cheek was inflicted on her by her father when she was 4 years old
  • ● She despises hospitals and distrusts any doctor she comes across
  • Doing lewd things to Deax while he sleeps/exists
  • Sweet things
  • Dark colours
  • Torturing bad guys
  • Pranks
  • Stabbing people
  • A certain snake named Alise
  • Hentai
  • Demons who stick their noses into her business without apparent reason
  • Seafood
  • Cheese
  • Bright colours
  • Hospitals
  • Boredom


Kuragi was born from the head of an illegal organization operating under the name Tenskiva. Her father, Kei Kazetani, was a strong and cold man, having brought up this agent-training service under the guise of a finance building for years. Her mother, Sandra Collins, was an American woman with whom Kei had somehow fallen in love with, despite never having loved anyone else before.

Sandra died shortly after giving birth due to eclampsia, leaving Kuragi to be raised by her father alone. Kei, having lost the one person he could ever love, couldn't forgive the one who had 'caused' it, even if just a baby. He had decided right then that this baby would be inducted into the training program once she was old enough.

Kuragi had very lonely first years, having a father who showed strongly that he despised her, and most of her motor and language skills were inhibited due to this. When she was 6 years old, her training begun, adding her to a group of 70 children of the same age. They were taught the normal learning things such as maths and language, before soon integrating into a much more advanced system. By the time Kuragi was 11, she could fluently speak and write in 7 languages.

Punishments were harsh for failing while successes granted no praise. Kei still held a deep-seated contempt for her, granting her no reprieve from the program whatsoever. When the group collectively turned 12, physical training started along the advanced curriculum; a brutal system that resulted in the deaths of over half the group by the time it was completed. This included weapons training, interrogation resistance, advanced motor skills building, combat training, toxins resistance, psychological testings, and much more. Among this group, two of the children were found to carry beyond-human abilities; one with telekinesis and one with cryokinesis. These two were segregated from the others as well as inducted into an additional training program to control and harness their powers. From age 16 onwards, the females of the group were taught the art of seduction, along with being forced to have hysterectomies.

This program finally ended when Kuragi was 19, where she along with the survivors, was given her first assignment. Those who were captured were disposed of discreetly, those who failed but returned were sent to the disciplinary team (DT) where a full week of abhorrent torture would await them; this was mostly just so their medical scientist Mathias could play around with his machine (INA), testing just what kinds of injuries and tissue it could repair or not. Kuragi passed her first job perfectly yet was sent to the DT by her father for having 'exceeded the time limit'. Naturally, there was no time limit for this assignment, but Kei's loathing of her was still strong.

At age 23 she was given a high-paying assassination contract like any other, and went out to complete it. This is where she came face to face with Lenz, another mercenary contracted with killing her. After a short battle between the two, Kuragi was eventually shot in the stomach and taken away, made to look like she had died. Lenz brought her to their house, where she met with Deax and the rest of the group. Now free from her father’s reign, she was offered to stay with them, and since then, interesting and wacky things have happened to them all…


Deax Initially thinking he was just a strange guy in goggles, her view of Deax has changed dramatically over the course of their time knowing each other. She sees him as a great buddy, someone she loves on a slightly different level than anyone else. She loves pulling pranks on him, as well as on occasion engaging in lewd activites. She is calmed when around him, and would stop at nothing to keep others from bringing him harm. Despite this, she has no qualms smacking him around now and then if need be, mostly for fun, and genuinely just enjoys his company.

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