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Basic Info

Preferred Name


Full Name

Charlie Marvin Zane






gay, maybe bi, it's complicated



Originally From

Garden Plain, Kansas


One of the 8 main characters in Trashland

Much of this info is already on the character sheet but anyway:

  • default age is 52, actual birthday is 22nd August 1951
  • born and raised in small town hell in Kansas
  • an only child whose biological dad died before he was born, mom died when he was 10 and spent the rest of his childhood with his asshole stepdad
  • 5'6" and very adamant about not being short
  • completely incapable of using an indoor voice, probably has some vague hearing loss. his speech is always typed in capslock
  • eye injury is from an explosion, he had the option to remove the eye all together but declined
  • was in Vietnam briefly at age 19-20. was dishonourably discharged
  • kinda fluctuates between gay and bi. calls himself gay for simplicity
  • was recruited for the Platinum Army on new years day 1980 (age 28) after driving his motorbike off a cliff
  • ended up adopting a teenage boy (Carl) because he could not believe someone so young was recruited and he couldn't let this kid fend for himself. has been a Protective Dad type ever since
  • after Carl is killed in battle, Zapper highhandedly wipes out the aliens that killed him. this is where he got the name "Zapper" from. and also because he's just really good at shooting stuff anyway.
  • former alcoholic - has been sober for 9 years as of the start of Trashland's main story (2003)
  • really particular about things being clean. thinks the swiffer mop is the greatest invention of all time
  • loves animals, loves kids, loves plants
  • rides a motorcycle, is adamant that anything that isn't a harley davidson isn't a REAL motorbike
  • ends up adopting a teenage girl (Brass) with Grappler during the events of Trashland 
  • really really likes making stupid puns
  • shows affection by annoying people
  • has been in a relationship with Grappler ("officially" anyway) since 1:01am on 1st September 2004