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Vince Johnathan Lemoncito Galloway






bi as hell



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One of the main 8 characters in Trashland

  • default age is 33, actual birthday is 21st February 1970
  • born in Detroit, ran away to Los Angeles at age 17
  • is half Filipino (mother's side) and half white (dad's side), but identifies as just Filipino.
  • oldest child, has one younger sister
  • 5'5". is that with or without boots? who knows!
  • has 8 piercings (5 on left ear, 3 on right ear, right eyebrow, lip), gets two more when he's older (right industrial, left nostril)
  • tried to dye his hair blonde but it came out grey instead. he now keeps it like that
  • had his left forearm chomped off by an alien that looks like if you fused a big cat with a t-rex.
  • the robot arm doesn't feel pain but feels temperature and some surface touch [i can't remember the exact term!!!]
  • has three robot arms that he can change whenever, one is the regular one, one has claws and one has a missile launcher
  • the scar over his eye was by accident and self inflicted but luckily it looks bitchin' so he's not bothered
  • is very loudly and proudly bisexual
  • is much less loudly transgender. will go above and beyond for younger trans people however, one of the rare instances where he will actually be outwardly nice to other people
  • was recruited for the Platinum Army in January 1994 (age 23), after killing a guy in self defence
  • got the nickname Grappler because he's really good at one-on-one combat, even moreso after he got his robot arm
  • cannot shoot for SHIT and if he uses a weapon it's always a sword or any other kind of blade.
  • drives a black 1967 chevy impala and it is the exact one from supernatural. or rather it was GOING to be used in that dimension's supernatural before it got stolen!
  • has a pet lobster named Steven. likes other unconventional animals like snakes and spiders and shrimps
  • has a whole daydream universe where he's in a rock band with Zapper, Slyger and Granox (and sometimes Dom)
  • when he ran away to LA he ended up living with a gay man (Dong-Sun) and a trans woman (Cinta) who basically became his adoptive older siblings until they died
  • adopts a teenage girl (Brass) with Zapper during the events of Trashland. Grappler is far less prepared for parenting than Zapper is
  • may be bad at communicating through words and articulating feelings but sure can express himself through loud outfits
  • has been in a relationship with Zapper ("officially" anyway) since 1:01am on 1st September 2004