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Basic Info

Preferred Name


Full Name

Gary Cornelius Martel









Originally From

Boonville, Missouri


One of the main 8 characters in Trashland.

  • default age is 36, actual birthday is 28th April 1967
  • born and raised in small town Missouri
  • youngest of three brothers, and was in a single parent household from 9 years old (nobody is entirely sure where his mom went)
  • 6 foot tall exactly
  • has abnormally large hands
  • very adept at learning languages - is fluent in English and Spanish; decent in German, Swedish and Italian; passable in Russian, Japanese and Korean
  • went to college in Wisconsin to study languages (saved up the tuition himself and everything) but got kicked out after a year for something he didn't even do
  • was briefly a boxer
  • used to be skinny but after being berated by his dad for not being man enough he started working out a tonne and then just didn't stop
  • is also supposed to wear glasses but doesn't
  • if he finds something funny he will NOT be able to stop laughing about it
  • likes to pick up cool rocks he finds and then gives them to his friends
  • is a vegetarian
  • his favourite food is mac and cheese, and he loves anything with cheese
  • got the name Granox from the fursona that Slyger drew for him. fursona-granox is a rhino because rhinos are his favourite animal
  • is gay
  • was recruited for the Platinum Army in December 1988 (age 21) for accidentally killing the wrong person
  • in the year between being kicked out of college and being recruited, he was basically homeless and just travelling around the US
  • lived in Las Vegas for a while and was banned from 4 casinos for winning too much. he didn't cheat at the games or anything he was just that lucky
  • is the only person in the Platinum Army to have recruited anyone while being a Rank 2, usually only Rank 4s and sometimes 3s are permitted to do so. (and he recruited Slyger)
  • once got stranded in another dimension for 3 months and did not see another human in all that time
  • has become immune to the shenanigans of Slyger and Grappler, but they are not immune to the shenanigans of Granox and Dom. nobody is.
  • has been in a relationship with Slyger since 1st March 2004