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Basic Info

Preferred Name


Full Name

Dagmar Abigail Dorfmeister









Originally From

Schrattenberg, Austria


One of the main 8 characters in Trashland.

  • default age is 40, actual birthday is 1st May 1963
  • born in Schrattenburg, Austria and moved to St Paul, Minnesota at age 10
  • oldest of three children, ended up being a sort of secondary parent to her siblings after they moved to the US
  • ^ since her dad disappeared without a trace the year before
  • 6'2" and just very large in general. has REALLY big feet
  • very into explosives, she and her dad used to take apart and rebuild old WW2 mines and unexploded bombs and also attempted to make their own
  • very technical minded though most people would never realise that about her
  • she's very outwardly friendly, but if it's not reciprocated she will shut down and withdraw
  • only had one real friend throughout her time in the US, Aina, a neighbour who was also a European immigrant (from Norway). they helped each other learn English 
  • Aina was a lesbian and Dom would only realise this many years later, right before she realises she's also a lesbian herself
  • was expelled from high school a month before graduation due to blowing up another student's car. said student had pretended to be her friend for months on a bet to see how far he could take it and Dom found out lol.
  • was recruited for the Platinum Army in April 1987 (age 23) after causing mass property damage, because she was harassed one time too many
  • found out her dad was recruited 14 years before, but also found out he was killed a week before she was recruited.
  • her reputation earned her the nickname "Destroyer" in the Platinum Army, which makes most people afraid of her
  • which sucks because all she really wants is to have friends.
  • goes by the name Dom because it sounds more English and has conflicting feelings about her actual first name
  • thinks rodents are the cutest of all animals, mice especially
  • is unbeatable at drinking challenges
  • has been clinically dead 3 times, but only for like 10 seconds each time
  • invented land mine waffles. why? why not
  • likes to talk in third person, picked this habit up after being assigned so many solo missions in the Platinum Army and saying all of her actions out loud just to hear an actual person speak
  • has many many bootlegs of Tanz Der Vampire, a musical about vampires. she also has one of the short lived Broadway english language version, Dance Of The Vampires, even though she hates that they ruined the German version for it.
  • has tried to make music out of explosion sound effects
  • is absolutely never allowed to drive and no one is completely sure why
  • can lift all of her friends with ease.
  • befriending Ricky was what pushed her to realise she was a lesbian
  • and then she ends up in a relationship with her (from 1st April 2006)