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Basic Info

Preferred Name


Full Name

Masuyo Wakahisa


physically ~35, actually 83






she/her or they/them

Originally From

Nagasaki, Japan (on an alternate Earth)


(sometimes referred to by me as Madnug)

One of the main 8 characters in Trashland.

  • is actually from Dimension 0 and may be the last surviving human
  • born in the Empire Of Japan on 23rd October 1920
  • default age is 83. however has the appearance of a ~30 year old due to the General bonding to her and prolonging her life
  • starts ageing normally again after the events of Trashland
  • is 5'7"
  • is a nonidentical twin and her brother was almost always favoured over her
  • went to college in the US (Boston specifically) to study several different sciences - with a focus on the emotion magic in that dimension
  • is fluent in Japanese and English but knows enough to communicate in all major languages (sign languages included)
  • is pansexual
  • and later identifies as genderqueer too (and much later adopts they/them pronouns)
  • after graduating college, she works in a lab for researching the emotion magic and works there until the war™
  • the war™ lasts only a few hours on her 25th birthday. from then on she no longer celebrates her birthday or even tells anyone when it is
  • she survives the war™ and within a week, the General finds her and bonds to her (mentally). he's small and almost powerless in this state and can be hidden easily
  • with other survivors does what she can to rebuild something of a society
  • the General gets the idea to feed off of the misery of these survivors and so after 5 or so years with little progress, starts to convince Masuyo that she only needs him and should dispose of everyone else so they can build their own civilisation.
  • she does in fact end up killing everyone else.
  • and then builds a portal to a nearby parallel dimension where she can bring people to work for the General (and eventually be eaten by him)
  • this goes on for decades, over time the recruits establish a large city where Masuyo is the rarely seen second in command
  • Masuyo makes many attempts to either escape the General or kill herself, all fail and she's seemingly incapable of dying
  • eventually she gives up and just continues recruiting people for the General's food source.
  • when she's out recruiting, she wears a disguise and takes on an alter ego named Kingyoso (King for short). King's gender is interpreted differently by whoever they are talking to. Zapper and Granox saw a man, Dom and Vilius saw a woman, Grappler and Ricky didn't see any particular gender (Slyger wasn't recruited by Masuyo but would've seen her as a woman).
  • her original field of expertise was biochemistry
  • spends her free time experimenting with a whole variety of things - started off expanding her science expertise to electronics and computers and now even does stuff like modding video games. can also perform various surgeries
  • in all this time never learned to cook very well, relies off of instant food most of the time
  • loves finding typos in things
  • doesn't believe Finland or Florida are real places, even in Dimension 1
  • has the potential to be far more dramatic than Slyger but does not have the energy to exert it
  • once dated Vilius in the 80s but it was more of a love-hate relationship
  • is autistic
  • hasn't properly slept in about 60 years
  • plays pokemon competitively, and favours pokemon that look weird or are objects rather than animals (her favourite is Magneton)
  • thinks dragons are cool and believes they are/were real
  • in a relationship with Ricky since 31st October 2005