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Basic Info

Preferred Name


Full Name

Vilhelmiina Hellä Vanhanen








there is only one pronoun in Finnish. (she/her in English)

Originally From

Kuopio, Finland


One of the main 8 characters in Trashland.

  • default age is 60, actual birthday is 15th March 1943
  • born in Finland but spent much of her adult life in Russia (when it was still the USSR)
  • second of five children 
  • speaks fluent Finnish, Russian, Swedish and English in that order
  • 6'5" tall
  • as she spent her whole life living in cold climates before being recruited, she thinks any temperature over 15 celsius is obscene
  • will just jump into ice water like it's no big deal
  • but also loves saunas. has one built right next to her office
  • probably has at least one knife hidden on her person at all times
  • is bisexual
  • had a long term girlfriend (Vera) who was her partner in "crime"
  • "crime" being doing various illegal activities for good causes and sometimes just for fun
  • later her motivation for everything became "to antagonise whoever"
  • one time had a plan to assassinate Leonid Brezhnev and then decided to change target to Richard Nixon. this plot never got off the ground.
  • huge fan of ABBA
  • also a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest 
  • has a huge stash of wine and vodka. if she's drinking something non-alcoholic it's most likely to be milk
  • was recruited for the Platinum Army in February 1972 (age 29)
  • fought her way up to Rank 4 and is determined to replace Masuyo as Rank 5 and possibly the General himself. has no idea what the General is truly capable of though, and does not know he's an alien.
  • briefly dated Masuyo in the 80s, though it was more of a love-hate relationship
  • goes by the name "Vilius" because it sounds more "serious" than Vilhelmiina (it's still a variant of the name William anyway).
  • supposedly replaced her hip herself
  • changes the story of how she got the scar on her face every time it's brought up
  • many people believe she is a vampire, she never confirms or denies it