Venus Chiro



2 years, 3 months ago


Minor character in Trashland, humanised and re-purposed Star Guys character.

  • default age is 34
  • 5'6"
  • Jamaican mother and Puerto Rican father, though was brought up between the two cultures equally
  • lived in NYC her whole life before being recruited for the Platinum Army
  • is bi and trans
  • was a drag queen both pre- and during transition, and spent a lot of time in NYC's ball culture in the 80s 
  • her drag name was Chikorita
  • fluent in Spanish and English
  • never loses her cool in front of anyone, but she will insult non-Spanish speakers to their face in Spanish if she gets that mad. though she will smile while doing it so they have no idea
  • is one of the few people in Sanctuary who has access to all the citizen records. knows everything about everyone.
  • used to date Ricky, they're still good friends now
  • has a secret stash of something. anyone who knows her knows about the stash but they have no clue what's in it. 
  • somehow always has bagels on hand