The Guardian of Apricot Bay



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Basic Info


The Guardian of Apricot Bay (or the Guardian for short)


Female, but something tells me it doesn't quite matter


Spirit, but manifests as a knob-tailed gecko


Gosh, several centuries now? Longer?


  • The Guardian

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  • "Come now, Colton, no one will bother you."
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The Guardian's origins can best be described as a cosmic event that left the settlements around what's now Apricot Bay blessed with her presence. She used to be much stronger, appearing for wayward travelers often, though after people started seeking her out in particular, she went into hiding.

She became something of a folklore legend for an early Apricot Bay, barely much more than a fishing town at the time. In dreams and in life, people reported sightings of her floating before them, keeping things peaceful and easy-going through strange bursts of emotions and comfort and admonishment. Still, no one can quite say how she got there or why she does it.

Her powers have always been based on the camaraderie and closeness of the town. In more recent years, something from The City has caused them to diminish, but as it stands, if something's gonna kill the town, it'll have to kill her first.


The Guardian is really more of a manifestation of the spirit of the town than anything else, but even that doesn't fully describe what she is. As her name suggests, she's protective, there to maintain the stability of the town no matter what.

The Guardian manifests in two forms in particular: her traditional gecko form and a "stealth" form where only her feelers (glowing orbs that can pick up vibes and activity in the area) appear. Gecko Guardian appears mostly in dreams, though depending on the amount of strain she's under, she can also appear in person, albeit mostly as a ghost. Her stealth form takes much less energy to maintain, so if you see orbs around you, know she's watching.

Gecko Guardian's most notable feature are her huge, colorful eyes (in contrast to the dot eyes of the rest of the Pennyverse). These act as a mood ring, and you can tell what state she's in just by looking at them. She's not exactly one to hide that anyway, but it's reassuring to have a visual reference.

Though the strain of the town's dying spirit has left them weakened, the Guardian has the ability to soothe or attack the nerves of those she encounters. She has no real interest in toying with people, however; she's really only there to make sure the good ones keep going and the bad ones change or leave altogether.


  • Alone: The Guardian's most likely to disappear and go into a low-power state when people aren't around. Still, sometimes she uses her stealth mode to peek at new arrivals.
  • With townspeople: For those who mesh with the town's bizarre-yet-peaceful nature, the Guardian is warm and motherly and will do whatever she can to keep you going. You can see this in her interactions with Colton: she regularly encourages him and uses her biochemical sprays to calm him down when he's anxious.
  • With enemies of the town: The Guardian's pretty good at determining who's come to integrate and who's here to cause trouble, and for the latter group, she's not kind. In fact, she's rather vicious, more than happily using Sebastian's insecurities to get him to play nice with Colton.

Arc and development

  • Colton's Adventure (character introduction): Colton encounters the Guardian for the first time in the caves off the beach. Her ethereal form confuses him, but her motherly nature makes him warm quickly to her.
  • Orchard Peak: The Guardian's motherly and vengeful side are contrasted as Colton tells her about the incident in The City involving Sebastian.
  • Sebastian vs. the Guardian: After watching Sebastian angrily shout down Colton, she shows up in his dream to warn him about the consequences of his actions. Through rather...evil means, she's ultimately able to get through to him.
  • To Exhaustion: With a seed of worry in her stomach, the Guardian follows Gonzo as he prowls around like a beast at midnight. Eventually, she uses her biochemical sprays to make him pass out peacefully before something worse happens.