The Guardian of Apricot Bay



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The Guardian of Apricot Bay (or the Guardian for short)


Female, but something tells me it doesn't quite matter


Spirit, but manifests as a knob-tailed gecko


Gosh, several centuries now? Longer?


  • The Guardian of Apricot Bay

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  • "Come now, Colton, no one will bother you."
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Where the Guardian came from or what she even necessarily is is all up to interpretation. For as long as anyone's inhabited the Valley Cascadia, she's been there, keeping the peace and spirit of the area guarded from those looking to harm it. Apricot Bay's settlers often described strange feelings of either belonging or judgement in the air around them, driving away the shifty and the showy and inspiring the start of Apricot Bay itself. These were all the Guardian's doing, though in stealth, and her powers only seemed to grow as residents grew closer and the town orchard grew in size.

The ravages of time have weakened those powers and the town's camaraderie, The City's influence having done the most damage. Still, if something's to kill Apricot Bay, it'll have to kill her first.


The Guardian is amazingly perceptive of emotions and intentions. Her "true" form mostly consists of her "feelers", highly sensitive, ethereal orbs that can read the energy in a room. Depending how strong she is at the time, she can also manifest as a knob-tailed gecko (the form people most associate with her), read and manipulate dreams, and shift people's perceptions and feelings with her pheromone sprays.
The Guardian's powers are solely reliant on the townsfolk being close to one another. Without that spirit, the Guardian has nothing to read and feed off of, and her gecko form grows fainter. She's not one for giving up, but weaken her enough and you'll start to see her grow increasingly demoralized.
Your garden-variety troublemaker doesn't much bother the Guardian, but those she can't read and the slow drain away from Apricot Bay over the last decade worries her sick. This is the primary reason she dislikes Sebastian, as she sees him as a vector for more of The City's wretched influence.
A bit flighty and a bit overbearing. Perhaps a lot overbearing, if you were to ask Sebastian, but she means well and she usually has a point.
Tics/nervous habits
Being a manifestation of the spirit of Apricot Bay, the Guardian's a little odd. Her eyes act as a mood ring of sorts; they're normally iridescent, and other colors mean she's either sensing (green), angry (red), or anxious (icy blue). If they're golden and she starts licking her eyeballs, she's not home, please try again later.
Voice/speech patterns
She's not from this era, so she has no real need to sound it. The Guardian is incredibly formal, referring to everyone by their full names and generally avoiding contractions. Despite this, her voice (though ghastly and hollow at the best of times) has a surprisingly musical quality to it and can vividly match any emotion her eyes can.


To conserve energy, the Guardian is often invisible or feelers-only when no one else is around. She usually idles in beach caves or other dark places.
At ease
With no active threats, the Guardian is normally rather chirpy and motherly. You'll often catch her floating around sleepily in the air, eager to chat about the nature of mortals and pick you up a little if you're down.
Under pressure
The Guardian has a variety of tactics for dealing with those she sees as a threat to her town, notably in her pheromone sprays and her ability to turn dreams into nightmares.
Those who come to grow in Apricot Bay find themselves in the Guardian's good graces. She's less overt with those who have good folks around them, but she latches onto protecting Colton real quick. Frankly, a scared, lonely kid without a mom at his age might as well be a weakness of hers in of itself.
It's rare to for the Guardian to be totally unable to get a read on someone, but it happens; Kevin, being a demigod in a dumb dog's body, is someone who horribly conflicts the Guardian. If she has to interact with them, expect to hear concern and fear in her strange, disembodied voice.
Don't mistake the Guardian as a totally peaceful being. She's not above mind games on those she sees as a threat to decorum, notoriously Sebastian. The topic of City folk is enough to get her angrily protective of her own flock. It's not as if she can't be reasoned with, but there better be a damn good reason you're ruining everyone else's day if you want to appease her.