The Guardian of Apricot Bay



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Basic Info


The Guardian of Apricot Bay (or the Guardian for short)


Female, but something tells me it doesn't quite matter


Spirit, but manifests as a knob-tailed gecko


Gosh, several centuries now? Longer?


Settlement guardian


  • The Guardian of Apricot Bay

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  • "Come now, Colton, no one will bother you."

The Guardian is just as her name implies. She's the protective force around Apricot Bay, making sure the townsfolk are happy and residents are peaceful to one another. She's not alone; every settlement has a being like her, centuries and millennia old, whose presence can best be felt as the energy and vibe of a certain area. The relationship between a settlement's guardian and their residents is symbiotic; the stronger the bond between the people, the more desire they have to put love and care back into the town, the stronger her powers get, and the more clearly she can manifest in person.

Given that the vibe of Apricot Bay is warm and natural, if also odd, idiosyncratic, and off-kilter at times, talking to the Guardian is much the same. She might not talk like everyone else, she might be utterly oblivious to Diesel trying to hit on her, but for those who deserve it, those who'd blend in nicely with its strange, quiet, mysterious, overgrown surroundings, she'll make sure they feel at home as much as she can. (Subconsciously, mainly; she avoids manifesting for just anyone thanks to her, well, alien appearance. Gonzo especially probably wouldn't be so appreciative at first.)

Unfortunately, Apricot Bay and her Guardian have taken serious attrition in the decade or two leading up to the start of the story. The Spirit of The City (a sludgy, corrupting force who acts as the guardian for The City) has grown strong thanks to an intense period of growth and mass urbanization. Being as territorial as guardians often are, he's set his sights on Apricot Bay in particular. Should he be successful, the Guardian of Apricot Bay would essentially dissipate altogether, leaving behind a bunch of cold, hollow buildings and depressed, anesthetized people for him to claim.

Thanks to the shifting tides, the Guardian mostly appears in people's dreams to communicate with them, where she needs a fraction of her power to work. As far as her powers go, while she doesn't cause physical harm, she's more than happy to invade people's heads and turn their dreams toxic and frightening as a warning to those who cause enter to cause trouble (like Sebastian, whose easy to anger nature, she initially takes as a threat). On the contrary, for those she sees in need of help, she can release soothing pheromones into the air to ease fear and suffering.

She usually appears in two forms, either in her gecko form, or as a set of glowing, ember-like orbs that blow through the grass, picking up vibes around her. Her gecko form's eyes act as a mood ring; red eyes mean she's angered, ice blue eyes mean worry, green eyes mean she's sensing, and golden eyes mean you should probably check back later, because no one's home.