Magenta the Bat



2 years, 10 months ago


repurposed sonic character from when i was a teen

  • is actually an empomorph, but has decided to live permanently as her current form
  • lesbian
  • married to Rudo
  • doesn't age the way regular animals do but maker herself appear older as Rudo gets older
  • 5'10"
  • is technically a bat right now but also has some dragon parts just for funsies
  • also has regular eyesight unlike bats
  • will never wear anything black/white/grey, will only wear coloured clothes
  • will talk in silly voices and random accents at any opportunity, her go-to accent is Australian
  • also just likes making weird noises in general
  • sometimes forgets what she's saying in the middle of a sentence and is a bit spacey in general
  • unless she's super focused on a particular thing, then she will not stop until it's done
  • the record for this is 37 hours straight
  • loves galaxy-print things