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hey! read this before you go.

My character's actions, decisions and beliefs do not reflect my own. If my character likes to commit homicide, DOES NOT MEAN I DO. If I miss putting any warnings on my characters please tell me and I'll put the appropriate warning on their profile. I recommend that only people over the age of 15 view my profile due to some of the content I have on here.

Please Do Not

  • Ask if a deisgn is UFO/UFT/UFS that is not in my UFT/UFO folder.
  • Harass me or my friends.
  • Drag me into drama im not involved in.
  • Talk to me if you are homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, sexist, etc.
  • I dislike most fetishes, please do not try and force me into one.

Content Warnings

  • Some OC's contain NSFW content.
  • Sensitive topics such as (death/injury, illegal activity, trauma, religion, etc)
  • Creatures/figures from/of religion. (Demons, Angels, gods, etc)
  • Some oc's have Disabilities, Disorders, Deaf/blindness, etc.

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