being gay is a sin. youโ€™re going to H- E- double hockey sticks. Iโ€™m going to tell my mother.

Blingus you mean a lot to me

The new name and the karkalicious im in tears

i;m having a moment okay

ITS OKAY NIKA I understand... [pats you on the back

Literally adore this OC how ;-; ur designs leave me speechless, i am in fact a dangan fan tho the fandom terrifies me so i simply keep to myself with my funny doodles <3 sorry if i overshared a bit ^^โ€™

everytime i see this character i just think caillou ?!?!!??!$ /hj

"?????#@[email protected]#[email protected]#JHTJKLMB EFKNL#F?#?G#?$G?#$GKOP#$JGK#$G H#$G G???$?#?$?
this is the b;est comment i have ever received ever. caillou if he played fortnite