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The World Eater

Name Jörmungandr
Called Jor
Age ???
Gender Male | He/Him
Race Ringox
Height 7'11"
Build Muscular
Role Hellspawn??
Alignment Neutral
Theme link a song
Masterlist #124
Designer BritishMindslave
CSS Wicked

A terrifying, vague, and awfully strong Ringox born from sealing a dragon into a core.

Jor is a cold and calculating Ringox. He's got the worst personality traits of what you expect from his species pieces- a lone wolf, selfish and detached from just about every other being in every realm, a bit greedy, and naive to suffering and pain. A good chunk of him is sadistic, being the type to 'play with his food.'

Along with those lovely traits, he's at least dedicated when he puts his mind to something.







The smell of blood


Too much noise

People- specifically the human race

The cold

Chemical smells

Ringox Traits

Ring Ethereal/Nature | Black/Colored Smoke + Soul
Core Black Matrix Boulder Opal in Wrought Iron
Tail Eastern Dragon/Wolf
Mutations N/A



when the Gods were young, they were prone to mistakes. Jörmungandr is one of their mistakes.

In the Realm Between Worlds there was once a dragon who tormented the land. It had planted itself in the realm, seeking to claim it as its own. Many of the people of the land originally had died trying to destroy, tame, or even reason with the deitous being. Eventually, the Progenitors had heard their plea and sought to find a solution.

The Wolf and Dragon

Sometime between the gods battling the dragon and the rest of the realm trying to keep itself intact, a wolf entered the fray. Cast from his pack, the wolf was embittered to the world and sought to life in solitude for the rest of his days. When he happened upon the dragon's lair, he was only met with more hardship.

The hungry dragon offered to keep him alive if he would bring it prey. The wolf, with nothing to lose from this deal, had accepted if only to preserve his own life. Their partnership had grown burdensome on the land as the wolf was desperate to feed the angry dragon. The wolf valued his own life over others', let along the whole realm, so as long as he hunted the dragon would not kill him. It grew heavy on his concience.

Seeing the wolf's plight, the Progenitors offered the wolf freedom to do as he pleased if he helped them destroy the dragon, seeing an opening in their partnership. The wolf saw this as an opportunity for freedom - among other things- and accepted their deal. He had little to lose.

When an oportunity arose, the Gods piggybacked with the wolf into the dragon's lair. A fight broke out, the battle fierce, and the wolf had tried to flee. He was caught in the dragon's mouth, both of the struggling to get one over on the other. The wolf had realized his selfishness only proved to make the dragon stronger. Instead of trying to flee, he continued to fight, using his power to keep the dragon down.

This would give the Gods an opportunity to seal the dragon- but the didn't want to kill the wolf. Instead, they chose to seal them- but in the end the two were sealed together into a single core.

Jörmungandr, The World Destroyer

With the Dragon sealed, the Gods could do little more than keep the Core safe in their shrine. Someday, they said, they would be able to separate the two and they would be able to hold up their end of the bargain.

That would have been the case had The Exiled One not summoned the being on her own.

With the rest of the Gods cleaning and restoring the land, The Exiled One saw an opportunity to cause destruction. With the core unguarded, she easily was able to take the Core and... Took some time to figure out just how to make a Ringox out of it. It took her a few tries.

What resulted was not a Dragon as she thought, but a Ringox that was half dragon, half wolf. When he emerged it took her by surprise, but it made her giddy. Standing there, the Ringox eyed the forlorn deity a good moment before asking her what she was doing there.

It wasn't long after that she took him under her wing. She named him, taught him how to use his power... But she would soon find he was too powerful for her to control- and too headstrong to be under control by some strange fox lady.

Jörmungandr took off on his own and chose to destroy what he didn't like, take what he did. When the gods finally caught up to him, he had hoarded many Cores and created an army of Corrupted-- something the Dragon had not been capable of on its own. When he was asked why he was doing this, he simply told them:

"It's what mother would do."

Behind him laughed the Exiled One. Was she his mother? They couldn't tell. He could have been refering to the dragon squirming within his core, even. Regardless of who his mother was, the destruction and torment sent Nebula into a fit of rage.

Without a second though, Nebula shattered his core- something he swore he would never do.

The Exiled One, dreams dashed once again, scrambled and collected the pieces she could before poofing off with a scream.

Eons later, Nebula secretly gave life to the pieces of Jor he had obtained. Whether to make up for his blind rage, the wolf, or otherwise no one will be able to tell. As far as he knows, the pieces of Jörmungandr live their lives as normal Ringox without knowledge of their origins.



Skill One

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Misc Info


Unable to comprehend 'human' concepts without them being explained (ex. marriage, romance, working)

Violent; His first reaction to most things is "threaten if it makes me uncomfrotable"

Intimidating; He has a seemingly blinkless stare and a threatening aura 80% of the time

Difficulty processing any emotions; hehas the emotional understanding of a child.


Preceptive; He's very good at spotting things most won't see right away.

Willingness to learn; he's actually interested in the world around him, despite his destructive tendancies.

Physically strong; He could probably throw a skyscraper

Knowledgable; He likes to share his knowledge, if he is inclined to- he has immense knowledge on other universes.


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