Vera Molchanova



2 years, 9 months ago


Minor character in Trashland, part of the group of characters in Dimension 1 looking for solid proof that other people have been taken into a parallel dimension

  • from the Russian far east, moved to Moscow by herself at age 18
  • dated Vilius from 1966-1972 and they were basically Partners in Crime
  • all the crimes they committed were usually for good causes, sometime they were just to get in authority figures' faces
  • actually saw Vilius go through the portal to Dimension 0 and has tried for decades to find proof of other ones
  • learnt English to use the non-Russian internet, hates it as a language SO much
  • found the US-based International Find and Rescue Team on the internet through this
  • has been to the US a few times for the yearly meetup, actually likes the places she's visited but will NEVER admit it
  • has 3 kids and 7 grandkids
  • realised she was a lesbian not long after her third child was born but she and her now-ex husband are surprisingly still friends. they still lived together/stayed legally married until all the children were adults (but saw other people)
  • enjoys being the weird lesbian grandma who encourages the kids to do crimes if it's for a good cause
  • has a sword concealed in her cane
  • likes to tell people that she was the one who really shot JFK