Ragna Sol



1 year, 10 days ago


  • Half Dagdan so she totally gets Shamir and Claude
  • Former Merc with Jeralt, big sister to the twins and Leonie
  • Teaches all 3 houses, and later 4 at once as a test run seeing as they all are the next gen of leaders so get them working together early
  • Always encouraging everyone to pursue their dreams
  • “I've only known all 26 of my students for a day now and if anyone were to lay a hand on them I will kill them.”
  • Straight up fucking steals her more abused students bc she is not having them return to their parents that fucking traumatized
  • Big sister and teacher to everyone of her students.
  • Straight up if she notices the stress in the room, she'll bring in several of the stray cats in order to relieve it.
  • Also brings in her pet snake once bc why the fuck not.
  • Both MUs are her TAs (Male is Blythe, female is Blair)
  • Straight up has thrown hands with Seteth about her spending money to get the kids Christmas presents (or the equivalent) and it's like “I asked Rhea first bitch and she said it was wonderful.”
  • First time Dmitri’s glass eye fell out she passed out. She just wasn't expecting it
  • Takes upgraded versions of the tests she hands out to see if it's fair
  • Like the #bestteach on campus. She knows what a girl needs. Or a gay needs.
  • Second she hears about a student coming out she gives them a gift basket filled with support n really nice things
  • Gives handgrown flowers and homemade treats for her students birthdays.
  • She doesn't play favorites but she is totally done with the Verdant Wolves hotboxing their common room every day, sometimes multiple times
  • Some how gave Kronya the support to leave the Slithers in the Dark and join the students to finish her education and not stab her tas' father?
  • Organizes like all the pride events. 
  • Protect her at all costs
  • Feels really guilty for not protecting all of them
  • Shipped with: Seteth