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there will never be any nsfw on my account. worst there'll be is like, shirtless people with flat chests.

same goes for bad/triggering content (i.e. abuse, rape, racism, homo/transphobia, etc). none of that here.


you have ANY abuse, rape, pedophilia, incest, racism (this includes characters who look even vaguely
similar to nazis), etc on your account. "i don't condone it irl" doesn't make it any better.

you're a chaser. it's transphobia, plain and simple.
^ if you use terms like "femboy", "tr*nny", that kinda thing, especially if your character(s) are nsfw.

you're into/draw zoophilia/bestiality, including feral characters "mating".

most of your content is nsfw, or if you have nsfw art that's not behind a warning. children use this site.

i feel like it. i love the block button honestly.

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