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sword hand vampire. Gamma's mentor who's generally reserved, didn't really want him to join Judgment because kids shouldn't be in charge of public safety. He tries to make sure Gamma does the right thing, keeps up with schooling and doesn't grow up bitter in a world where superpowered idiots are constantly ruining things. They have similar skin-based powers but Delta makes larger form weapons like blades and clubs.

He is a vampire but hates it and will try all kinds of absurd "cures" which worries Gamma a lot. He hides from the general public but is actually legally recognized by the government. When vamps destroyed his home nation long ago he was accidentally left alive, so now he officially owns a lot of the old land including mines and oil. Because of business he is one of the few arcana mutants allowed to leave the city, but must be monitored. He wears long black garments, lurks around on his own at night, has a haunted castle on the coast, very vampirey in spite of himself.


hes hard to draw i dunno